World’s Cheapest Smartphone

Ringing Bells Freedom 251 smartphone 1
Remember the Rs. 251 priced smartphone from Ringing Bells which created huge uproars after it was announced during February this year? Lots of things have happened since then. The company has faced several allegations from many eminent personalities and organizations worldwide and it was thought that the Freedom 251 smartphone is nothing less than a daydream. Few FIRs were even lodged against the company. Ringing Bells now claims that the […]

Ringing Bells to initiate shipping of the Rs. 251 priced Freedom 251 smartphones from June 30

Namotel Acche Din 1
It was only a few months back when we all were discussing about a Rs. 251 smartphone. Noida based Ringing Bells was the promoter of the smartphone which took entire world by surprise because of the price tag. The fate of the smartphone is still unknown to us. The company, however, is optimistic on delivering its promise soon.¬†Last month, a Jaipur based company Docoss¬†was in the news for similar reasons. […]

Namotel announces their “Acche Din” smartphone at Rs. 99; here is all you need to know