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Treasures of Innocence 4
Rivers are the most astonishing element in this world. They flow through its course, experiencing a young, mature and old stage in its lifetime, finally plunging into an ocean. On one hand, they can be a painter’s canvas, a lover’s ecstasy, a poet’s poem while on the other it’s a source of enormous energy. With the help of a mere turbine, they can produce megawatts of electricity and lighten up […]

Treasures of Innocence – An Initiative to Ignite Millions of Young Minds

Feeding India 1
India, the second most populous country in the world, is home to almost 130 crore people. While in the last few decades the country has made significant strides in the field of technology and economic growth, poverty still remains a cause of concern. According to several surveys, it can be said that about 20% of India’s population are below poverty line. Poverty leads to under nutrition and food security by […]

The Story of “Feeding India and their Hunger Heroes”