Manaska Mukhopadhyay

If you want to see the real Kolkata before Bengal’s auspicious Durga Puja celebrations, then a visit to Kumortuli (or Kumartuli) must be in your must see list. This photo story from Manaska Muhopadhyay reflects how the busy idol makers of Kumortuli are bringing their creations to life ahead of the Durga Puja. Manaska, a research scholar of Jadavpur University is also a skilled photographer. He photographs with his inner vision. If […]

Kumortuli – The Place where Gods Live beside the Humans

Manaska Mukhopadhyay, a research scholar of Jadavpur University recently took a refreshing trip to South India. His trip involved the rivers, the hills, the waterfalls and many more. Manaska narrates his travel story and decides to pen down his experiences for our viewers… “South India” – this two word phrase is strong enough to engage one in a deep imagination from crossing the Godavaris, climbing the Nilgiris, roaming in the […]

Refreshing South India