Delyts 1
Kolkata-based Rachna Bengani didn’t hesitate to quit her job to take up baking as a profession. Such is her passion for baking cakes. In December 2012, she launched her home bakery Delyts. Rachna offers designer and customized cakes for almost any occasion one can think of. Her works are immensely creative. She feels creativity in baking business is very important and these days people don’t mind paying extra to get […]

In Conversation with Rachna Bengani, Founder of Delyts

Treasures of Innocence 4
Rivers are the most astonishing element in this world. They flow through its course, experiencing a young, mature and old stage in its lifetime, finally plunging into an ocean. On one hand, they can be a painter’s canvas, a lover’s ecstasy, a poet’s poem while on the other it’s a source of enormous energy. With the help of a mere turbine, they can produce megawatts of electricity and lighten up […]

Treasures of Innocence – An Initiative to Ignite Millions of Young Minds

Jab We Ate 3
In September 2015, Saurabh Dhanuka started his entrepreneurial journey with a promise of delivering hot and fresh ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’ at doorsteps. With his startup venture Jab We Ate Saurabh is presently operating in entire Kolkata. Prior to launching Jab We Ate, Saurabh worked in the IT industry for 8 years. However, a strong desire to become his own boss pushed him forward to achieve a bigger goal, […]

Saurabh Dhanuka – A Chief Eating Officer’s Entrepreneurial Journey with Jab We Ate

GoingWild 2
There is a famous saying, “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” In this fast paced century when most of us engage ourselves in building someone else’s dreams, 3 young talents from Kolkata decided to follow their passion to turn their dreams into reality. A company related to wildlife photography was their dream and GoingWild is the reality. They say, “Photographing Wildlife and adrenaline […]

In Conversation with Soumyajit Nandy, Co-founder of GoingWild

Green Taxi 2 1
No cab driver of the country thought the way Dhananjay Chakraborty of Kolkata did. The 40 year old yellow cab driver from the City of Joy is different from other cab drivers of the country because of his green initiative. If you ever come across a yellow taxi in Kolkata with a roof top garden installed on it be sure it is being driven by Dhananjay. However, he is not […]

Green Taxi – The yellow cab with a Rooftop Garden from Kolkata

Sandipan Mukherjee
We all know, photography is an art of observation. The person who finds something interesting in an ordinary place stands out. Sandipan Mukherjee is one such person. To him what matters most in the making a photograph is its composition and exposure. Photography gears comes next. He believes one can make a great photograph even with a simple camera. Over the past few years, Sandipan has progressed quite a lot […]

Walking on the lines of Photography with Sandipan Mukherjee

Wall o Books 2
There is a famous quote made by eminent American writer cum journalist, Ernest Hemingway, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Many times in this material world you may come across situations when your friends and loved ones leave you. Even, after death, the soul will leave your lifeless body. It is knowledge which stays forever, and books are undoubtedly the best means to record knowledge. Every educated […]

Wall o Books – An Initiative of doing things Differently

If you start something new of your own and if it is unique, the idea sells. Outbox, a new Kolkata-based start-up is born out of one such idea. The company which was started in October last year is catering into the business of delivery services of a different kind. The persons behind Outbox were determined to bring a change in the sector and they became successful. They started providing delivery […]

Outbox – An Initiative worth praising

If you want to see the real Kolkata before Bengal’s auspicious Durga Puja celebrations, then a visit to Kumortuli (or Kumartuli) must be in your must see list. This photo story from Manaska Muhopadhyay reflects how the busy idol makers of Kumortuli are bringing their creations to life ahead of the Durga Puja. Manaska, a research scholar of Jadavpur University is also a skilled photographer. He photographs with his inner vision. If […]

Kumortuli – The Place where Gods Live beside the Humans