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Legal Salah is a legal tech startup that started operations in 2015. Headquartered in Kolkata with offices in different cities in India, Legal Salah provides advisory services on legal, taxation and business loans to business professionals, start-ups and SMEs. With its online legal advisory portal, anybody residing anywhere in the world can seek guidance across different segments. Soon, this Indian legal tech startup is going to launch a cloud-based tax […]

How Legal Salah is doing things differently than other Legal Tech Startups in India!

LetUsGo, Kolkata, Travel Agency in Kolkata, Travel Startup, Midnight Heritage City Tour of Kolkata, Walking with Ghosts 1
LetUsGo is a travel agency in Kolkata but it is quite different from the ones existing in the tourism industry. This travel startup with their guided city tours helps local people in knowing their own cities. And, this is exactly where lies their strength. The tagline of LetUsGo – “Let us Walk! Click! Eat! Feel!” pretty much sums up what they actually do in a nutshell. LetUsGo has many other unique […]

How LetUsGo, a Travel Startup from Kolkata can help you know your city in a better way!

Arka Dutta, Kolkata, Street Photographer, Street Photographers, Socio-documentary
When we say “Kolkata”, the first thing that comes to our minds is a set of images comprising heritage buildings, ancient rituals, people and cuisines. Considered as every street photographer’s paradise, Kolkata has much more to offer! The city is also blessed to have some of the most talented street photographers in the world. Arka Dutta is one such photographer from the City of Joy. He has an inclination for […]

Meet Arka Dutta who uses photography as a medium to address problems and raise awareness!

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The demand for home baked cakes in Kolkata is on the rise. And, this has become possible because of the growing numbers of talented home bakers in Kolkata. Sumana Dutta Chakrabarti is one such cake artist from Kolkata. Sumana, an HR professional working in an IT MNC, baked a cake for the first time while she was still in school. The love for baking intensified in the next few years. […]

Meet Kolkata’s home baker Sumana Dutta Chakrabarti, the founder of Mom’s Delight!

ISKCON Kolkata Rath Yatra, ISKCON Kolkata Rath Yatra Festival, ISKCON Kolkata, Kolkata Rath Yatra, ISKCON Rath Yatra Kolkata, Sandipan Mukherjee
The ISKCON Kolkata Rath Yatra festival turned 46 this year. Started in 1972 by Jagatguru Srila Prabhupada, the ISKCON Rath Yatra Kolkata presently is the second largest Rath Yatra festival in the world. Every year, thousands of people from different parts of the world visit Kolkata during the months of June and July to witness the grandeur of this festival. According to the Hindu Mythology, the Rath Yatra festival marks the […]

ISKCON Kolkata Rath Yatra – A Photo Project by Sandipan Mukherjee

Zestful Flavours, Anjali Kejriwal, Culinary Science, Cooking Workshop, Cooking Classes, Customized Designer Cakes in Kolkata, Cooking School in Kolkata
When Kolkata-based young entrepreneur Anjali Kejriwal cooked for the first time, she was only 6 years old. The food turned out to be tasty and was appreciated by all. It was a big achievement for the young girl which inspired her to keep on experimenting with foods. As Anjali was growing up, her cooking skills were also getting strengthened. Later on in her life, she decided to establish her career […]

How this young girl is creating a successful brand of Cooking Classes in Kolkata – Zestful Flavours!

Mahua Saha, Mahua's Fresh from Oven, Kolkata, Designer Cakes in Kolkata, Professional Baker, Home Baker, Baking 2
We generally associate the name – Kolkata with a wide variety of sweets. And, if you skip having sweets in Kolkata, it is nothing less than an offence! In the last few years, the varieties have also increased few folds. It has happened mainly because of the increase in the number of talented home bakers in Kolkata who love to play with their creativity skills. Mahua Saha is one such creative […]

Mahua’s Fresh From Oven : A successful second innings for Mahua Saha as a professional baker in Kolkata!

EasyDaftar, Shared Workspace, Coworking, Coworking Office Space, Shared Workspaces, Entrepreneurs in Kolkata, Startup, Coworking Office Space in Kolkata, Kolkata, Coworking Spaces, Coworking Centre, Co-working
A few years back, a friend of mine was looking for a shared workspace in Kolkata for his business. His company’s revenue went down significantly because of some bad decisions. To boost the figures, he concentrated on cutting down the expenses. The rent of the existing office space was affecting the revenues badly. My friend who was well aware of the shared workspace concept thought of shifting to a coworking […]

EasyDaftar: How a Father-Son duo is helping entrepreneurs with their Coworking Office Spaces in Kolkata!

Sayantani Mukherjee, Baking, Customized Designer Cakes in Kolkata, Sayantani's Culinary Delights
I wonder how many of us would take the risk of quitting a high paying stable career to pursue a profession of our dreams. I am quite sure that not many would do so. But, Kolkata-based Sayantani Mukherjee took the other way which was full of challenges and uncertainty. Sayantani originally hails from the beautiful Indian city of Siliguri. After completing studies, she started her professional career in banking. She […]

When a Successful Banker from Kolkata quits her job to become a Successful Cake Artist! Sayantani Mukherjee of Sayantani’s Culinary Delights shares her story…

Sreemoyee Chattopadhyay, Cookie's
Sreemoyee Chattopadhyay is a creative, young baking artist from the City of Joy, Kolkata. When she was born, her parents named her Cookie. The nickname turned out to be quite appropriate for her. Since her childhood days, she grew up seeing her Mother and Grandmother baking cakes. This eventually ignited her interest in baking. After her graduation, Sreemoyee decided to take up baking as her profession. To learn the tips […]

Meet Sreemoyee Chattopadhyay, the creative baking artist behind Cookie’s

Thinkquisitive marketing
In a business seminar during my college days, an eminent industrialist said, “A business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” I have walked a long way since then. Now I realize how beautiful and realistic the statement is in present day’s business. A business can have an innovative product, however, without proper and targetted marketing, it won’t sell. We have seen many big shot companies and innovative startups […]

This startup offers an innovative marketing style and connects Brands with Bloggers – The Story of ThinkQuisitive

Ridhi Saurabh Dhanuka 2
Statistical figures obtained from some of the leading organizations reveal that about 800 million people around the world are undernourished. India alone is home to 180 million people who don’t get enough food every day. This figure places our country at the topmost position, and it is quite alarming. However, if compared to the early nineties, the proportion of undernourished people in India has seen a significant drop by 36%. […]

How this young Entrepreneur from Kolkata is addressing the Hunger problem with his venture Ridhi

Women Entrepreneurs 2
The first woman entrepreneur I probably came across was one of my cousin sister from Jalpaiguri. She used to fascinate me with her beautiful handmade crafts. It was late eighties when she developed an interest in crafts while I was still a kid then. Quite obviously at that time, I didn’t have the definition of an entrepreneur in my life. She still continues to amaze me with her jaw dropping […]

These Five Women Entrepreneurs of India turned their Unique Ideas into Reality