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A few years back, a friend of mine was looking for a shared workspace in Kolkata for his business. His company’s revenue went down significantly because of some bad decisions. To boost the figures, he concentrated on cutting down the expenses. The rent of the existing office space was affecting the revenues badly. My friend who was well aware of the shared workspace concept thought of shifting to a coworking […]

EasyDaftar: How a Father-Son duo is helping entrepreneurs with their Coworking Office Spaces in Kolkata!

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In recent years, the Indian startup ecosystem has developed quite a lot. The boom in the startup ecosystem has contributed majorly towards the strengthening of the country’s economy. Many new startups based on innovative ideas also came into existence. One such startup is Shruthi Reddy’s Anthyesti Funeral Services. It provides end to end funeral solutions right from hearse vans, mobile dead body freezer boxes to priests in various communities. The funeral services can […]

How Kolkata based Shruthi Reddy’s Anthyesti Funeral Services is addressing a major problem

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Problems give birth to new innovations and they become successful only when the problems are addressed properly. Today, we will know about an online multi-brand retailer company which promises to solve a major problem in the City of Joy – ‘Kolkata’. Puja Sen, the Head of Business Operations of the online multi-brand retailer company Tazamandi is here with us in this session to tell about the venture. There are many […]

Tazamandi: This Online Grocery Store in Kolkata delivers raw to cooked products right at its customers’ doorsteps

If you start something new of your own and if it is unique, the idea sells. Outbox, a new Kolkata-based start-up is born out of one such idea. The company which was started in October last year is catering into the business of delivery services of a different kind. The persons behind Outbox were determined to bring a change in the sector and they became successful. They started providing delivery […]

Outbox – An Initiative worth praising