How well do you know India, India, Unity in Diversity
India is a land of “Unity in Diversity” where people belonging to different cultures and religions stay together with great joy and harmony. According to many historians, the country is also one of the oldest in the world. It has a history that dates back to the days when America was not even known to the world! India is blessed to have a large number of beautiful places. There is a […]

How well do you know India? Play this Quiz and evaluate yourself!

Keep India Clean, Pratik Shetty
Social entrepreneur Pratik Shetty feels keeping India clean is not a tough task. If all the citizens of the country take individual efforts to keep their surroundings clean then India would become a better place to live in. With an objectice to maintain cleanliness, Pratik started Keep India Clean in April this year. Today, on this auspicious day when entire India is celebrating its Independence day, Pratik joins us in this […]

How this NGO is working on a mission to Keep India Clean, Founder Pratik Shetty tells their story

Raees Markani Water Car 2
Petrol and diesel are made from unprocessed crude oil known as petroleum. Crude oil is a fossil fuel and one day it will run out since its supply is limited. Currently, the majority of the motor vehicles worldwide are powered by petrol or diesel. As such fuels are created from crude oil, their future looks quite bleak. It is high time to find out alternative energy resources to fuel our […]

A car that runs on Water: Amazing Innovation of an Indian Car Mechanic

Treasures of Innocence 4
Rivers are the most astonishing element in this world. They flow through its course, experiencing a young, mature and old stage in its lifetime, finally plunging into an ocean. On one hand, they can be a painter’s canvas, a lover’s ecstasy, a poet’s poem while on the other it’s a source of enormous energy. With the help of a mere turbine, they can produce megawatts of electricity and lighten up […]

Treasures of Innocence – An Initiative to Ignite Millions of Young Minds

Feeding India 1
India, the second most populous country in the world, is home to almost 130 crore people. While in the last few decades the country has made significant strides in the field of technology and economic growth, poverty still remains a cause of concern. According to several surveys, it can be said that about 20% of India’s population are below poverty line. Poverty leads to under nutrition and food security by […]

The Story of “Feeding India and their Hunger Heroes”