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We belong to a fast paced digital era where technology is slowly replacing our age-old traditions and systems. Even small kids have become tech savvy. Most of them can efficiently use almost any gadget like smartphones and computers. In many cases, they can be real good tutors for us because they can educate us on the use of the latest technology gadgets. Their lives are however devoid of the games that […]

Kitki: How a Couple from Hyderabad is Redefining Learning with their Educational Board Games!

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Change is often disturbing when it impact us. Adapting to the change is also necessary to sustain in this competitive market. In today’s fast paced world of constant change and pressure for responsiveness, we often don’t have enough time outside our professional window. We have become busy these days. A large number of companies is making use of this situation to establish their business models. With a few clicks or taps, […]

How Hyderabad based Motofix can bring a change in the Automobile Service Sector of India

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An Entrepreneur is a person who brings up solutions to complex real life problems. And, the success of an entrepreneurial venture depends on how many people gets benefitted from the solution. The more the number, the bigger the success gets. So, the approach to a problem after its identification is much important. Today, we are featuring another solution in the form of FreakoutZ. It offers a location-based platform which helps […]

This location-based platform FreakoutZ helps in finding trending events in real time