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In the last few years, the ways of shopping have transformed to a large extent. Even in the last decade, we were required to visit the offline stores to purchase any product. Those who wanted to get the best deal and the best price on a product had to visit multiple stores. And, bargaining on the prices with the shopkeepers was much necessary. However, with the gradual boom in the ecommerce […]

How comparometer can help you get the best deals by comparing the online and the offline prices of a product!

ecommerce, ecommerce platform, shoppinciti, Nitesh Sigger, Nagaland, Jaipur, NIT Nagaland, Online marketplace 1 is an ecommerce marketplace founded and run by Nitesh Sigger, a final year B.Tech student of NIT, Nagaland. Shoppingciti’s ecommerce portal hosts all kind of offers on different categories of products. An user can easily make their preferred purchase through their platform. Nitesh believes delivering products of utmost quality at reasonable prices is their USP. He has already taken his first stride towards entrepreneurship, and it has started early […]

Nitesh Sigger’s entrepreneurial journey with ecommerce platform Shoppingciti; and, he is still an undergraduate student!

ZingoHub was incorporated in March 2014 by Haider Aly – Reza and Sayantan Das. It offers a first of its kind crowdfunding platform that combines the functionality of commerce. ZingoHub is a place for brands, creators, and innovators to showcase their ideas and products to a larger audience. “So, if you are doing something awesome out there, like the first gig for your college band or hosting your first art gallery […]

ZingoHub – The first crowdfunding platform that combines the functionality of Commerce

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Over the last decade, the power of internet has changed the way people buy or sell goods or services. Many new startups with new innovative ideas have also come into existence. Today, we can purchase almost anything from our convenient location and all we need is an internet service and a computing device (laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets etc). Many ecommerce startups also give us the option to purchase garments from […]

In Conversation with Bhavana Motwani, Co-Founder of e-tailoring startup StitchMyFit

If there is any poster boy in Indian E-Commerce Industry, then it has to be Flipkart. The reason is quite obvious. The company was launched in 2007 when E-Commerce in India was taking its beginner steps. Flipkart is now a present day E-Commerce major of the country. It has revolutionized the way of shopping. The concept of shopping in India in the year 2007 was mainly confined to traditional shopping […]

Flipkart – The Poster Boy of Indian E-Commerce Industry

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Business ideas these days have changed quite a lot. The increasing use of technology in the business models of companies is the actual “Secret Mantra”. World Wide Web (www) was surely one of the biggest things which happened in the last decade of the Nineteenth century. Many companies to mark an early presence in the digital world started developing their company’s website. Now in the year 2015, almost every company […]

Mobile Apps – Changing ways of doing business