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Corners of Earth is an Indian travel management company that offers best holiday deals for travels anywhere in the world. The curated travel itineraries of Corners of Earth are unique and has been crafted by travel experts with significant experience in the tourism industry. Within a very short span of time, this travel startup of India has achieved significant success. The ever increasing travellers base of this Indian travel startup […]

How 2 young entrepreneurs are building Corners of Earth as the best Indian travel management company!

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For Delhi-based travel blogger Priyanka Singh, blogging was a completely new field 3 years back. She didn’t have any idea of the term ‘blog’ until she searched it on Google in November 2014. After going through a couple of articles, Priyanka was able to understand its real meaning. With time, her interest in blogging became more intense. In January 2015, she started her travel blog The Flying Wayfarer to share […]

The Flying Wayfarer – Travel Blogger Priyanka Singh’s story of rejuvenating her lost dreams!

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Delhi-based entrepreneur Sangeeta Roy Ghosh is an extremely creative person. She is an avid art lover who loves to sketch, paint and create things with her own imagination. Her love for arts was such that it pushed her forward to make a career in the field of Interior Designing. With time, Sangeeta’s bonding with arts strengthened. In 2015, the love again pushed her another step forward to pursue a career […]

For the love of Edible Cake Arts – Meet Sangeeta Roy Ghosh, the founder of Sangeeta’s Cooking Mantra

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For Delhi-based young blogger Nikita Aggarwal, blogging helps her deal with the stress of life. She is a person who loves travelling to new places and explore different cuisines. It’s mainly because of this love, Nikita got the inspiration to start a blog on food in early 2016. Her blog, A Girl with Fork, is now 1-year-old and it is all about her experiences with food at different places. Other than […]

A Girl with Fork – The inspiring tale of Delhi-based Food Blogger Nikita Aggarwal!

Terrariums, Terrarium, Aparna Duggal, Delhi 1
She is presently engaged in something amazing! With her creative terrariums, she fills up our houses with fresh oxygen. She is Aparna Duggal. Terrariums not only enhance the beauty of our homes but also they are great oxygen boosters. Aparna, who hails from Delhi, developed an interest in terrariums after she came across an article on it in an inflight magazine. Soon, she made a few terrariums and gifted them […]

She makes terrariums to fill up our houses with fresh oxygen! Meet Aparna Duggal

Shayan Jamal, Arshad Jamal, Cricket, Delhi 1
India is home to a huge number of talents. And, when it comes to cricket, almost every Indian street has a cricketing talent. Take the example of 4-year-old Shayan Jamal who made it to his school’s U-12 team! You must be doubting the authenticity of what we said just now. Even we were quite surprised when we heard about Shayan’s selection. After few enquiries, we found it to be true. Shayan Jamal […]

At the age of 4, Shayan Jamal is all set to play for his U-12 School Team!

Tarun Chawla, Wedding Photography, Photographer 1
When passion becomes profession, the job turns out to be enjoyable. And, the best part is you are working to fulfill your own dreams. One such person is Tarun Chawla, a Delhi-based Indian photographer who has established himself as a successful wedding photographer of the country. Tarun’s idea of life is to capture memories and to create many! He considers the people around him as his inspiration to produce better […]

“My idea of life is to capture memories and creating many!” – Meet Tarun Chawla, a young and talented Wedding Photographer