Online Healthcare Startups in India 2
India still doesn’t have enough doctors. The patients to doctor ratio in the country are quite high. And, the healthcare ecosystem in India is far from being ideal. However, situations are gradually improving for a better India with every passing day. To solve some of the major existing problems in the healthcare segment many Indian startups are venturing into this space. The existence of online healthcare startups in developed countries […]

These Online Healthcare Startups in India are driving a much needed Change!

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Credihealth, an Indian online healthcare startup, is a platform where people around the world can seek medical advice from reliable sources. It provides detailed information on doctors, hospitals, medical ailments, treatments and post-treatment care. In short, this startup is a patient’s personal medical assistant that helps in the entire process of medical treatment. By using the information furnished on this online healthcare portal, a patient or a patient’s family member […]

Credihealth: An online healthcare startup with a complete difference!