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Chennai-based home baker Mridula Ganesan is an young achiever. At the age of 21, she makes beautiful cakes. Not only they look good and tempting, they taste even better. Her baking venture, Hew and Frost, which started operations early this year has already managed to grab significant attention from the cake lovers in Chennai. But the interesting part of Mridula’s story is, she is just not a baker. She is […]

At the age of 21, she is already an achiever! Mridula Ganesan of Hew and Frost has an inspiring tale!

Cakestronomique, Home Baker, Cakes, Thrissur, Thasni Mariyam Wahid, Customized Cakes, Embryologist
It’s always tough to pursue another profession alongside an existing profession. However, if you have the will and the love for something that you eagerly want to pursue, then, situations become quite easy. Thasni Mariyam Wahid is one such person who is involved in multiple roles in her life. And, in every role, she has embraced significant success. Thasni is an Embryologist by profession and works at ARMC IVF Thrissur as […]

Thasni Mariyam Wahid’s Inspiring Journey as a Cake Artist – The Story behind Thrissur-based home bakery Cakestronomique!

The Gift Story, The Gift Story by Shaira Mehdi, Shaira Mehdi, Home Baker, Baking, Cakes, Cake Decorator, Theme Based Cakes, Cupcakes, Nagpur
Shaira Mehdi is a creative cake artist and a home baker from the beautiful city of Nagpur, India. Shaira’s Mother who is also a baker herself introduced her to the beautiful world of baking cakes. As a child, she saw her Mother bake cakes on the birthday occasions. The process of baking and the cake decoration part was something which used to fascinate her. Shaira Mehdi is a trained Fashion […]

The Gift Story by Shaira Mehdi: The success story of a Home Baker from Nagpur

Crumbs Patisserie, Alison Menezes, Home Baker, Home Bakery, Cake Artist, Cakes, Mumbai
Alison Menezes is a passionate home baker and cake artist from Mumbai, India. During her stay in Qatar, while working as a cabin crew in Qatar Airways, she got herself trained in cake decorating. Her love for baking gradually became more intense and in 2014 she launched Crumbs Patisserie, her own home bakery in Mumbai. For Alison, the smiles on her clients’ faces after eating her handcrafted baked products are […]

Meet Alison Menezes, the creative cake artist behind Mumbai-based Crumbs Patisserie

Sanjivani Bhide, Sweet Picks, Home Bakery, Mumbai
Sanjivani Bhide’s journey as a professional home baker started in August 2010 with the launch of her home baking venture Sweet Picks by Sanjivani. In earlier times, baking was a hobby for her. The hobby gradually transformed into a serious passion later on. Sanjivani is an extremely creative person and her creativity reflects in each and every product which she bakes. Today, in this session, the lady herself is here […]

I want Sweet Picks to be in everybody’s minds when they think of Cakes: Sanjivani Bhide

Sinfull Temptations, Home Bakery Noida, Ruchika Bhargava
Noida-based Ruchika Bhargava’s professional journey as a home baker started in January 2015 with the launch of her home baking venture Sinfull Temptations. Until 2013 she knew nothing about baking. The interest for baking developed after she bought a microwave oven and she wanted to use it for purposes other than just re-heating. Ruchika had a decent corporate job. However, her aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur pushed her forward to live […]

This lady left her decent corporate job to become an Entrepreneur – The story of Ruchika Bhargava and her home baking venture Sinfull Temptations

Sreemoyee Chattopadhyay, Cookie's
Sreemoyee Chattopadhyay is a creative, young baking artist from the City of Joy, Kolkata. When she was born, her parents named her Cookie. The nickname turned out to be quite appropriate for her. Since her childhood days, she grew up seeing her Mother and Grandmother baking cakes. This eventually ignited her interest in baking. After her graduation, Sreemoyee decided to take up baking as her profession. To learn the tips […]

Meet Sreemoyee Chattopadhyay, the creative baking artist behind Cookie’s

Radha Dhaka, Cake Decoration, La Petite Meringue, Baking
Radha Dhaka is a home baker who specializes in cake decoration. She has been baking for more than 25 years now. And, every time she baked a product, she received appreciation from her friends and family members. The positive reviews motivated her to take up baking as her profession. In 2014, she started her journey as a professional home baker and launched her home baking venture La Petite Meringue in […]

This Home Baker from Hyderabad plans to open a Finishing School for Cake Decoration: The story of La Petite Meringue’s Radha Dhaka

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The journey of New Delhi-based bakery For the Love of Cake started in August 2011. The entrepreneurial journey for the founders Avani Malhotra and Akriti Malhotra has been quite satisfying. In a short span of five years, they managed to create a successful and returning customer base for themselves. Today, in this session of conflatingVisions, we have Avani with us to tell us their success story. Hi Avani, glad to […]

She studied Psychology but now she is a Professional Baker For the Love of Cake! Meet Avani Malhotra

Sugarloaf by Neha, Neha Priyadarshini, Baking, Pune, Bakery, Home Bakery 2
Neha Priyadarshini is a home baker based in Pune. She is a person who always loves to include creativity in everything she is passionate about! Armed with an MBA degree in Marketing, Neha has previously worked in the Banking and Education sectors before deciding to become a full-time Mom and homemaker. Even in the organizations she was associated with she left her creative footmarks. For Neha Priyadarshini, being creative is a way […]

Being Creative is a Way of Life for Neha Priyadarshini, the home baker behind Sugarloaf by Neha

Out of the Box, Bekery, Anuya Apte, Bakery in Mumbai, Cake, Mumbai, Hand made Cake 1
Out of the Box is a bakery of hand made crafted cakes based out of Mumbai. It was founded in the year 2014 by Anuya Apte. She also conducts baking workshops regularly in Mumbai. Today, in this session, Anuya tells us about her entrepreneurial journey with her baking venture Out of the Box. Hi Anuya, welcome to conflatingVisions. Please tell us what inspires you to bake cakes? A cake is always […]

In Conversation with Anuya Apte, Founder of Out of the Box

Oven Affairs, The Oven Affairs by Elma D'Souza, Dubai, Baking, Cakes 1
Elma D’Souza, a dentist by profession fell in love with baking in the year 2013 after she came across the beautiful creations from Cake Canvas. She was practicing at a private clinic in Mangalore during that time. Elma relocated to Dubai a year later and started her home baking venture “The Oven Affairs by Elma D’Souza”. She dreams of getting nominated for the prestigious Cake Oscar Awards hosted by the Cake […]

A Dentist’s journey with Baking Cakes – The Oven Affairs by Elma D’Souza

Artesano - Cake art by Suchita, Suchita Kunder, Thane, Mumbai, Cake, Baking, Home Baker, Baker 1
For Thane-based Suchita Kunder baking happened by chance. Once after seeing an advertisement of baking classes in a newspaper she decided to enrol herself in the workshop. While learning the basics of cake baking, she discovered her creative side. Her love affair for baking cakes started soon after. Presently, Suchita is successfully running Artesano – Cake Art by Suchita, a designing studio in Thane. We have featured many stories on […]

Baking awesomeness with Artesano – Suchita Kunder’s story