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Neha Priyadarshini is a home baker based in Pune. She is a person who always loves to include creativity in everything she is passionate about! Armed with an MBA degree in Marketing, Neha has previously worked in the Banking and Education sectors before deciding to become a full-time Mom and homemaker. Even in the organizations she was associated with she left her creative footmarks. For Neha Priyadarshini, being creative is a way […]

Being Creative is a Way of Life for Neha Priyadarshini, the home baker behind Sugarloaf by Neha

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Out of the Box is a bakery of hand made crafted cakes based out of Mumbai. It was founded in the year 2014 by Anuya Apte. She also conducts baking workshops regularly in Mumbai. Today, in this session, Anuya tells us about her entrepreneurial journey with her baking venture Out of the Box. Hi Anuya, welcome to conflatingVisions. Please tell us what inspires you to bake cakes? A cake is always […]

In Conversation with Anuya Apte, Founder of Out of the Box

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Elma D’Souza, a dentist by profession fell in love with baking in the year 2013 after she came across the beautiful creations from Cake Canvas. She was practicing at a private clinic in Mangalore during that time. Elma relocated to Dubai a year later and started her home baking venture “The Oven Affairs by Elma D’Souza”. She dreams of getting nominated for the prestigious Cake Oscar Awards hosted by the Cake […]

A Dentist’s journey with Baking Cakes – The Oven Affairs by Elma D’Souza