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For Delhi-based young blogger Nikita Aggarwal, blogging helps her deal with the stress of life. She is a person who loves travelling to new places and explore different cuisines. It’s mainly because of this love, Nikita got the inspiration to start a blog on food in early 2016. Her blog, A Girl with Fork, is now 1-year-old and it is all about her experiences with food at different places. Other than […]

A Girl with Fork – The inspiring tale of Delhi-based Food Blogger Nikita Aggarwal!

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To start a business, the first thing which you need to do is identify your areas of interest. It is always advisable to do something in a field in which you are proficient. This will give you the confidence to put in more efforts smartly! A home based business always enjoy a higher survival rate compared to a full-fledged business startup. It also helps an entrepreneur to identify the gaps and […]

Home Based Business Ideas that require little or no investment costs to start

Make money online Blogging 5
If you love to write then this post might interest you. Many of us write many things, share information or post reviews of product(s) on the web, but, we don’t get paid for our writings. If you are genuinely interested in making a good amount of money from your writings, you may consider starting a blog. Blogging is definitely a nice way to make money online. How can you make […]

Make Money Online – The Blogging Way

Thinkquisitive marketing
In a business seminar during my college days, an eminent industrialist said, “A business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” I have walked a long way since then. Now I realize how beautiful and realistic the statement is in present day’s business. A business can have an innovative product, however, without proper and targetted marketing, it won’t sell. We have seen many big shot companies and innovative startups […]

This startup offers an innovative marketing style and connects Brands with Bloggers – The Story of ThinkQuisitive