Urban Tailor, Online Tailoring Service, Bangalore 1
Urban Tailor is a young startup from Bangalore. The underlying concept of this venture makes it different from most other startups of the country. Urban Tailor offers online tailoring services. It aims at solving the unpredictable quality of stitching and delivery by the local tailors in the market today. Working on the idea of providing Online Tailoring Services Co-founded by three young entrepreneurs Vasudevan, Ashish Singhal and Lavanya, Urban Tailor […]

Disappointed with the services of local tailors? They have the solution – The story of Online Tailoring Startup, Urban Tailor

Uber Driver Anand 1
Shrikant Singh, who hails from the steel city Durgapur, and presently working for Amazon India at Bangalore had an amazing conversation with an Uber driver. The conversation took place on 1st July 2016 when Shrikant was returning home from his office in that car. It took him by surprise when he came to know that the driver is an IIT-K alumnus! This is the conversation which happened. Anandji (My Uber driver): […]

This IIT Kanpur graduate drives an Uber cab for a good cause

Women Entrepreneurs 2
The first woman entrepreneur I probably came across was one of my cousin sister from Jalpaiguri. She used to fascinate me with her beautiful handmade crafts. It was late eighties when she developed an interest in crafts while I was still a kid then. Quite obviously at that time, I didn’t have the definition of an entrepreneur in my life. She still continues to amaze me with her jaw dropping […]

These Five Women Entrepreneurs of India turned their Unique Ideas into Reality

Cake Cafe 1
Shalu Nijhawan’s entrepreneurial journey started exactly a year back in April 2015 when she founded her dream venture Cake Cafe. Earlier, she worked as a banker in State Bank of India, country’s leading PSU bank. However, she was not happy working there. To add wings to her entrepreneurial dreams, she quit her banking job to pursue a career in baking, an activity which makes her happy. Her venture Cake Cafe […]

From Banking to Baking – The Inspiring Journey of Shalu Nijhawan, Founder of Cake Cafe

dial a cake 1
Mira’s Dial A Cake is a customized cake studio specializing in custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies. This Bangalore-based cake studio was founded in the year 2012 by Mridula Hastu. In these four years of journey, Mira’s Dial A Cake has received lots of appreciation from its customers. For Mridula, each word of appreciation is a success story which motivates them to move ahead. Mridula now plans to expand to other […]

In Conversation with Mridula Hastu, Founder of Mira’s Dial A Cake

pumpkinbakes 1
Pumpkinbakes is a Bangalore based home bakery which specializes in pastries and custom made cakes. It was founded by Nirmala Arokia Mary in the year 2014. Nirmala is baking since her childhood days. It gradually developed into a passion. While working as a nurse in California, she completed a Diploma Course in Baking and Pastry program. She was fortunate to work with some of the renowned chefs in the industry […]

In Conversation with Nirmala Arokia, Founder of Pumpkinbakes

FeetApart 1
FeetApart Wellness, a gamified social network based health platform for employee engagement and wellness started its journey in January 2015. This Bangalore based startup was founded by two fitness and health enthusiasts – Abhishek Roy and Ashrith G with an objective to inspire employees of an organization to get healthier. This, in turn, enhances employee productivity within an organization. FeetApart recently received angel funding from Vishal Bali, a senior executive […]

In Conversation with Abhishek Roy, Co-Founder of FeetApart

home bakes 1
Trupti Aditya Prabhu started her journey as a home baker in May 2014 after she gave birth to her second child. Before launching her own bakery Trupti’s Home Bakes, she had a career spanning almost ten years in the field of behavioural skills training and consultancy. For Trupti baking is her passion and to take up baking as her profession is the best decision she has ever taken! Today, Trupti […]

In Conversation with Trupti Aditya Prabhu, Founder of Trupti’s Home Bakes

stock market 2
In this platform, we have interviewed many entrepreneurs. In all those interviews we found one thing in common – all of them are dreamers. Most of the entrepreneurs are doing something in life which they actually love to do. They turned their passion into profession. And, they are successful. Today, we are sharing with you another inspiring story. This is the story of Rohit Gadia, the founder of CapitalVia Global […]

This 31 year old person’s passion for Stock Market led to the creation of a 1000 employee organization

fabstitch 1
It was 2014 when the idea of launching an e-tailoring service came to Shikha Sinha’s mind after she moved from Delhi to Bangalore. She saw the absence of quality stitching services as an opportunity. To exploit the existing opportunity, Shikha along with Binay Kumar Sinha decided to launch their own venture fabstitch. The ideas were soon transformed into reality and the journey started in January 2015. This startup presently operates […]

In Conversation with Shikha Sinha, Co-Founder of e-tailoring startup Fabstitch

Shlokapreneur, Divyaa Doraiswamy, Gurukulam, Shloka School 9
Ever heard of a term ‘Shlokapreneur’? To be frank, I had no idea that even a Shlokapreneur might exist until I had a conversation with a lady from Bangalore. The lady runs a Shloka School herself in Bangalore under the name Gurukulam. At present, nearly 50 kids are taking lessons in her Shloka School. The feedback from the parents keep her motivated to achieve a bigger success. Today, in this […]

Divyaa Doraiswamy – The Shlokapreneur behind Gurukulam

Mishti Chocolates, Bangalore 4
Born in the eighties or in the early nineties? And, you are an Indian? Then you must have seen a series of musical Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisements. Like many others of my age, the ads were also among my favourites. The lyrics were even more appealing. It said, “Kuch khash hai hum sabhi mein, kuch baat hain hum sabhi mein…” You will find very less people who don’t love chocolates. […]

Happiness is a little bit of Mishti Chocolates