Kumbh Nashik Susobhan Aich 2
“Travel always fascinated me and I try to capture the moments that I face when I travel. Due to the hectic schedule of my daily life, I cannot visit much places. This time, I was lucky to visit Nashik for the holy Kumbh. One day while flipping through the pages of a newspaper, I came across the news about Kumbh and decided to make a visit during the Holy occasion. […]

The ultimate Kumbh experience at Nashik

Manaska Mukhopadhyay, a research scholar of Jadavpur University recently took a refreshing trip to South India. His trip involved the rivers, the hills, the waterfalls and many more. Manaska narrates his travel story and decides to pen down his experiences for our viewers… “South India” – this two word phrase is strong enough to engage one in a deep imagination from crossing the Godavaris, climbing the Nilgiris, roaming in the […]

Refreshing South India

sandakphu 2
A Guide to the Sandakphu Trek There is a saying “Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb” and you get to know how apt the quote is once you trek through the beautiful Singalila National Park of the Himalayan range to reach Sandakphu. The park which lies in the Darjeeling district of the Indian state of West Bengal […]

In the Land of Sleeping Buddha – Sandakphu

kanheri caves 2
Kanheri Caves whose period of establishment dates back to anywhere between 1st Century BC and 11th Century AD is one of the finest examples of the Indian rock cut architecture. Located in the heart of the beautiful green environs of Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Maharashtra, Kanheri Caves is about 10 km from the Borivali Station and 45 km from main Mumbai. These caves perhaps are the only symbol which […]

Kanheri Caves – A walk through the Historical Timeline of Buddhism

Yuksom is a small village located in the lap of the lush green Himalayas on the Western side of the Indian state of Sikkim. This beautiful small village is located at an altitude of 1880m and is also a part of numerous historical events. The name Yuksom means the meeting place of three holy Lamas. In the books of history, Yuksom has been recorded as the first capital of Sikkim […]

Welcome to the First Capital of Sikkim – Yuksom

Elephanta Caves
Elephanta Island is a famous tourist destination situated to the East of Mumbai and is about 10 km from the Gateway of India. If you are planning a day trip then Elephanta Island could be a perfect choice for you. The island has an area of 16 km² with a population of about 1200. There are three villages in the island: Shentbandar, Morabandar, and Rajbandar. Local people of this area […]

Elephanta Caves – Photographers’ Delight

Pelling is a beautiful, small hill station nestled at an altitude of 7200 ft in the Western part of the Indian state of Sikkim. Since the past few years, the place has gained much popularity among tourists making it the second biggest tourist destination of the state after Gangtok. The rise in prominence of this hill station is mainly because of the jaw dropping views of Kanchendzonga and surrounding ranges […]

Love at First Sight – Pelling