Success Stories

Porinju Veliyath, Equity Intelligence, Kochi, Trader, Kotak, Geojit, Investment, Stock Picker 2
The success story of Porinju Veliyath can be a real source of inspiration for many aspiring stock traders of India. From being a homeless person to becoming one of the finest stock pickers of the country, Veliyath has walked a long way. He is associated with stocks for almost 26 years now. In June 2002, he started Equity Intelligence India Limited. The company which has a strong clientele from various […]

He was once homeless but now he is one of the best Stock Pickers in India; The rags to riches journey of Porinju Veliyath

Kailash Katkar, Quick Heal, Sanjay Katkar, Antivirus 1
We all know about Quick Heal Technologies. Many of us even have their antivirus softwares installed on our laptops and smartphones. However, very few know that the chief architect of the 22-year-old company is a school dropout! Today, we are sharing the story of lesser known Kailash Katkar, the founder and the CEO of Quick Heal Technologies. Kailash Katkar’s early days as a mechanic at a radio and calculator repair shop […]

Kailash Katkar – The School Dropout who built Quick Heal Technologies!

Ramkumar Raman, Youngest Chartered Accountant, India, Chartered Accountancy CA
Chartered Accountancy course is difficult because the syllabus is quite vast. To enrol for Chartered Accountancy is easy, but, the real challenge lies in passing the exams. For 18-year-old Ramkumar Raman, the challenge seemed quite small. In his first attempt, he successfully cleared all the 14 papers of the course. This feat also made him the youngest Chartered Accountant of the world! Ramkumar Raman started preparing for CA when he […]

World’s Youngest Chartered Accountant at the age of 18! The inspiring journey of CA Ramkumar Raman

Motilal Oswal, Financial Services, Investment, Equity, Financial Advisor 1
When we come across these two words – “Motilal Oswal” the first image that comes in our minds is of a Non-banking Financial Company that offers a wide range of financial products and services. The company is one of the leading financial services firms of India. It deals in Broking and Distribution, Institutional Equities, Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Private Equity and Asset Management. Most of us probably know all these things. […]

How a Chartered Accountant built the successful Motilal Oswal group!

Portable Hotels, Beetle Smartotels, Tanmay Bathwal, Ahmedabad, Hirise Hospitality
Ahmedabad-based entrepreneur, Tanmay Bathwal of Hirise Hospitality Private Limited, has done something amazing. A few days back he launched India’s first portable hotel in Mundra-SEZ in Gujarat. Named as Beetle Smartotels, the hotel is built out of unused or discarded containers and houses 141 rooms. It is also environmentally conducive. The concept of portable buildings is still quite new. Although a few portable rooms exist in some other countries, Tanmay Bathwal’s portable […]

This startup from Ahmedabad is building Luxury Portable Hotels with recycled containers – Tanmay Bathwal’s Beetle Smartotels

Srikanth Bolla, Bollant Industries, Blind
When IITs rejected him for being blind, MIT opened their doors for him. And, now he runs a company whose worth is more than Rs. 50 crore. Well, this is the story of 24-year-old Srikanth Bolla in a nutshell. His story is inspiring. He has proved nothing in this world is impossible if we have the courage, desire, and determination to conquer the obstacles of our lives. The one thing which […]

This blind person created a Rs. 50 crore company, Bollant Industries – The story of Srikanth Bolla who was once denied to write the IIT entrance exams

Indiefolio, BananaBandy, Indian Artists, Creative Professionals
India not only has a good market for almost all sectors but, also, it has a fairly big talent pool. And, with every passing day, it gets even bigger. Creative professionals form a significant percentage of the country’s talent pool. They are by no means less than the foreign artists in terms of capabilities. However, the reality is the Indian artists are often underrepresented at the international levels. A few […]

They created a platform for Creative Indian Artists to represent themselves at the international levels

Solar Tree, Solar Trees, Solar Power Tree, CMERI Durgapur, Durgapur
Solar Power in the coming days shall become an important source of energy because the leading energy sources are running out. Also, when electricity is generated from the fossil fuels, they lead to enormous levels of environment pollution. Hence, it is wise to shift to renewable sources of energy to bring down the pollution levels. Many research institutions across the globe are continuously doing their research work on identifying the prospective energy […]

Scientists from CMERI, Durgapur developed a Solar Tree that can light up 5 houses!

Sharad Banavadikar and Warren Buffett have few things in common. Both of them are successful stock investors and they even think in the same line when it comes to investing in stock. Sharad was only 21 when he made his first investment. He believes one should invest early to reap maximum benefits. His first investment decision became a success and it gave him whopping returns of more than 2000 times of […]

This investor made 2000 times gain from one of his investments! He started investing in stock market at the age of 21!

Shayan Jamal, Arshad Jamal, Cricket, Delhi 1
India is home to a huge number of talents. And, when it comes to cricket, almost every Indian street has a cricketing talent. Take the example of 4-year-old Shayan Jamal who made it to his school’s U-12 team! You must be doubting the authenticity of what we said just now. Even we were quite surprised when we heard about Shayan’s selection. After few enquiries, we found it to be true. Shayan Jamal […]

At the age of 4, Shayan Jamal is all set to play for his U-12 School Team!

Nirmali Nath, Dharitri Terangpi, Bike Trip to Leh, Assam, Guwahati, Nirdhar 7
Every great dream begins with a dreamer. We have within us enormous strength, patience, and passion to reach the stars to bring a positive change in the world. Often we question ourselves – “How far can we go if we follow our passion?” And, many of us stop here after questioning. However, the rest who acts, move ahead. Guwahati-based Nirmali Nath and Dharitri Terangpi falls in the league of people […]

They undertook Guwahati-Leh-Guwahati bike trip to spread a very important message – The story of Nirmali Nath and Dharitri Terangpi of Nirdhar

Swapnanil Talukdar, Page Turning Machine, Festival of Innovation 1
We all love to hear inspiring stories. And, there are lots of them around us. Such stories motivate us to become more positive in life. Today, we are going to tell you the story of Swapnanil Talukdar, a 20-year-old engineering student from Assam. Swapnanil has become quite famous because he has done something exceptional! He is the proud innovator of a foot operated manual page turning machine. His innovation can be […]

This 20 year old young boy from Assam developed a Page Turning Machine for physically challenged persons – The inspiring story of Swapnanil Talukdar

Urban Tailor, Online Tailoring Service, Bangalore 1
Urban Tailor is a young startup from Bangalore. The underlying concept of this venture makes it different from most other startups of the country. Urban Tailor offers online tailoring services. It aims at solving the unpredictable quality of stitching and delivery by the local tailors in the market today. Working on the idea of providing Online Tailoring Services Co-founded by three young entrepreneurs Vasudevan, Ashish Singhal and Lavanya, Urban Tailor […]

Disappointed with the services of local tailors? They have the solution – The story of Online Tailoring Startup, Urban Tailor

Dumpling Momo, Kolkata, Durgapur 1
India’s Food and Beverage Industry is a large market. According to several survey reports, the F&B sector of the country is growing at an average annual pace of about 25%. Fast-food joints hold a significant market share in this industry. While many entrepreneurs of the country have taken their entrepreneurial strides in the food industry in recent times, it is also equally true that a large percentage of them failed […]

Dumpling Momo – A tale of two entrepreneurs who aim to serve entire India with their healthy foods

Siwakoti Sharma, Helicopter, Car Mechanic, Assam, Shyamjuli 1
Not many of us have heard the name of Shyamjuli village of Assam. The village is at a distance of around 450 km Northeast of Assam’s capital city Guwahati and it doesn’t have proper roads. During monsoons, situations become worse. Monsoon rains wreak havoc over this small village every year which leads to floods or flood like situations. Villagers cannot move out from their village, neither people from outside can […]

This car mechanic from Assam made a Helicopter from Scrap Items; he studied until 3rd standard! Siwakoti Sharma’s amazing story