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Quite often it happens that you have an excellent business idea but you cannot take it forward because of lack of funds. In most of the cases, the challenges that startup founders have to deal with while setting up their new businesses are linked with funding. And, this is perhaps the primary reason because of which many brilliant ideas cannot even reach the execution stage. To ease this pain of […]

Need short-term small business loans for your startup? Lendingkart can help you!

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Raman Roy belongs to the league of Indian Chartered Accountants who has contributed significantly towards the economic growth of the country. Quite often regarded as the “Father of the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in India”, Raman is believed to have created more than 35,000 new jobs in India and has indirectly enabled the employment of over 700,000 people. It is primarily because of Raman Roy’s pioneering efforts, the BPO industry […]

Raman Roy, the Chartered Accountant who started the BPO Industry in India!

Karimul Hak, Bike Ambulance, Padma Shri, Ambulance Dada, Jalpaiguri, Dhalabari
Jalpaiguri, a small town in the Indian state of West Bengal gets a Republic Day gift. And, the gift is the prestigious Padma Shri award! All thanks to Karimul Hak, a resident of Jalpaiguri, who will be receiving the Padma Shri award from the hands of the President of India for his immense contribution in the field of social work. This achievement from Karimul Hak who is better known to the […]

Jalpaiguri’s Karimul Hak to receive Padma Shri for his Free Bike Ambulance Service that has saved many lives till date!

Sudip Dutta, Ess Dee, Ess Dee Aluminium, Durgapur, Mumbai, Singapore, India Foils, Packaging, Sachet Making
Sudip Dutta was only 17-year-old when destiny forced him to earn a living for his family of 6 members. Sudip was born and raised in Durgapur, West Bengal, India. His father, Vijay Shankar Dutta, was an ex-armyman and had to retire from his service after he was severely injured in a gunshot battle during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Following the retirement, Vijay took up a job as a security guard. […]

From earning Rs. 15 per day to building a giant in the packaging industry – Amazing story of Durgapur’s Sudip Dutta creating Ess Dee Aluminium!

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Credihealth, an Indian online healthcare startup, is a platform where people around the world can seek medical advice from reliable sources. It provides detailed information on doctors, hospitals, medical ailments, treatments and post-treatment care. In short, this startup is a patient’s personal medical assistant that helps in the entire process of medical treatment. By using the information furnished on this online healthcare portal, a patient or a patient’s family member […]

Credihealth: An online healthcare startup with a complete difference!

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Vijay Kedia is undoubtedly among the most successful stock market investors in India. When he started equity trading, he was only 14. And, this is perhaps the most amazing fact about Kedia. Many well-known investors across the world always encourage to start investing early. According to them, if a person begins share trading at an early age, then, the chances of becoming successful in the stock market are much high. […]

Vijay Kedia’s Success Story – How some failed Equity Trading decisions helped him become a Champion Stock Market Investor!

Sand Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik, Sudarsan Pattnaik, Sand Artist, Sand Arts, Puri, Padmashree
Festivals are an integral part of the human race. Some of them are even as old as humanity. During the festivals, we visit the homes of our beloved ones to convey our wishes. We also take the advantage of the digital era to greet everyone during the festivals. These days we make use of phone calls, sms services, and social medias to convey our feelings and pass on our greetings […]

Sand Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik greets “Happy Diwali” in his own style once again!

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A businessman from Surat did something amazing this Diwali. He gave away 400 flats, 1,260 cars and diamond jewelleries as Diwali gifts to his employees! Yes, you saw that right and the numbers are also correct. Savji Dhanji Dholakia, the billionaire businessman spent as much as Rs. 51 crores on Diwali bonuses for the employees of his company, Hari Krishna Exports. Even in an earlier year’s Diwali, the company gifted 491 […]

1260 Cars and 400 Flats as Diwali Gifts for employees of Hari Krishna Exports – Amazing Story of Surat-based businessman Savji Dhanji Dholakia

Prem Thakur, Buggy Car from Scratch, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kharghar, Car Built from Scratch, YouTube DIY Videos 1
YouTube is a great place to learn something. While YouTube videos can enlighten us on almost any topic, only a small percentage of YouTube users apply the knowledge to create something beneficial. Prem Thakur falls in the category of such persons. Prem is only 19-year-old. But the feat that this young boy from Navi Mumbai has achieved would leave many established engineers behind him in terms of accomplishments. Prem Thakur […]

This 19-year-old Mumbai boy built a Car from Scratch and YouTube Videos was his only Teacher – Prem Thakur’s Inspiring Story!

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Rekha Jhunjhunwala, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's Portfolio, Jhunjhunwala, Investor, Stock Market
How many amongst us can think of owning a portfolio of stocks worth Rs. 10,000 crore? Almost none of us can’t even think of achieving a figure anywhere close to that. However, an Indian investor can now think of crossing that towering figure! He is none other than Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the big bull of the Indian stock market. As per some recent disclosures, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and his wife Rekha Jhunjhunwala’s […]

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Portfolio Holdings Value is all set to cross Rs. 10,000 crore!

Yaggyaseni Mittra, Lose Weight, Zumba Instructor
Overweight and obesity is a major problem in this fast paced world. Because of our professional and personal commitments, most of us tend to remain busy the entire day. As we get more busy, we keep on relying more on fast foods with either little or no exercise. This, in turn, increases our weights and in many cases make us obese. Excess weights greatly raise the risks of developing different […]

The journey from 84 kg to 52 kg for Yaggyaseni Mittra who earlier had to undergo ACL surgery on both her legs!

Deepa Malik, Rio Paralympics 2016, Rio Paralympics Silver Medal
The most important thing that every human being needs to develop within them is the determination to succeed. And, this quality fetched Deepa Malik a silver medal in the women’s shot put F-53 event at the Rio Paralympics 2016. To script her own success story, the 45-year-old Deepa had to overcome many obstacles. She not only became the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Paralympic Games but […]

Deepa Malik’s Silver Medal at the Rio Paralympics 2016 is a Symbol of Determination to Succeed! The Success Story of a Paraplegic Person

Basant Maheshwari, Basant Maheshwari Portfolio, Stock Market, Stocks, Stock
Basant Maheshwari has been an active equity investor for more than 20 years now. He is known to pick up stocks in his portfolio at the right times. And, he is doing it quite consistently throughout his investing career. Maheshwari’s interest in the stock market mainly developed because of one of his maternal uncle who happened to be a broker at the Calcutta Stock Exchange. During the eighties, while Maheswari was […]

Basant Maheshwari’s Portfolio at different times reveals why he is so successful in the Stock Market!

Bhavook Tripathi, Investing Smartly, Investment, Investor 2
Bhavook Tripathi is perhaps among the youngest Indian investors to have entered the billionaire club. But, the strange thing is that most of us are probably not aware with this name. He is a person who made a fortune out of stock market by investing smartly. When we discuss about several stories related to the Indian stock markets the names that automatically comes up are Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani, Basant […]

How a less known Indian investor made Millions by investing smartly in Shares! Bhavook Tripathi’s story

Porinju Veliyath, Equity Intelligence, Kochi, Trader, Kotak, Geojit, Investment, Stock Picker 2
The success story of Porinju Veliyath can be a real source of inspiration for many aspiring stock traders of India. From being a homeless person to becoming one of the finest stock pickers of the country, Veliyath has walked a long way. He is associated with stocks for almost 26 years now. In June 2002, he started Equity Intelligence India Limited. The company which has a strong clientele from various […]

He was once homeless but now he is one of the best Stock Pickers in India; The rags to riches journey of Porinju Veliyath

Kailash Katkar, Quick Heal, Sanjay Katkar, Antivirus
We all know about Quick Heal Technologies. Many of us even have their antivirus softwares installed on our laptops and smartphones. However, very few know that the chief architect of the 22-year-old company is a school dropout! Today, we are sharing the story of lesser known Kailash Katkar, the founder and the CEO of Quick Heal Technologies. Kailash Katkar’s early days as a mechanic at a radio and calculator repair shop […]

Kailash Katkar – The School Dropout who built Quick Heal Technologies!

Ramkumar Raman, Youngest Chartered Accountant, India, Chartered Accountancy CA
Chartered Accountancy course is difficult because the syllabus is quite vast. To enrol for Chartered Accountancy is easy, but, the real challenge lies in passing the exams. For 18-year-old Ramkumar Raman, the challenge seemed quite small. In his first attempt, he successfully cleared all the 14 papers of the course. This feat also made him the youngest Chartered Accountant of the world! Ramkumar Raman started preparing for CA when he […]

World’s Youngest Chartered Accountant at the age of 18! The inspiring journey of CA Ramkumar Raman

When we come across these two words – “Motilal Oswal” the first image that comes in our minds is of a Non-banking Financial Company that offers a wide range of financial products and services. The company is one of the leading financial services firms of India. It deals in Broking and Distribution, Institutional Equities, Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Private Equity and Asset Management. Most of us probably know all these things. […]

How a Chartered Accountant built the successful Motilal Oswal group!

Portable Hotels, Beetle Smartotels, Tanmay Bathwal, Ahmedabad, Hirise Hospitality
Ahmedabad-based entrepreneur, Tanmay Bathwal of Hirise Hospitality Private Limited, has done something amazing. A few days back he launched India’s first portable hotel in Mundra-SEZ in Gujarat. Named as Beetle Smartotels, the hotel is built out of unused or discarded containers and houses 141 rooms. It is also environmentally conducive. The concept of portable buildings is still quite new. Although a few portable rooms exist in some other countries, Tanmay Bathwal’s portable […]

This startup from Ahmedabad is building Luxury Portable Hotels with recycled containers – Tanmay Bathwal’s Beetle Smartotels

Srikanth Bolla, Bollant Industries, Blind
When IITs rejected him for being blind, MIT opened their doors for him. And, now he runs a company whose worth is more than Rs. 50 crore. Well, this is the story of 24-year-old Srikanth Bolla in a nutshell. His story is inspiring. He has proved nothing in this world is impossible if we have the courage, desire, and determination to conquer the obstacles of our lives. The one thing which […]

This blind person created a Rs. 50 crore company, Bollant Industries – The story of Srikanth Bolla who was once denied to write the IIT entrance exams

Indiefolio, BananaBandy, Indian Artists, Creative Professionals
India not only has a good market for almost all sectors but, also, it has a fairly big talent pool. And, with every passing day, it gets even bigger. Creative professionals form a significant percentage of the country’s talent pool. They are by no means less than the foreign artists in terms of capabilities. However, the reality is the Indian artists are often underrepresented at the international levels. A few […]

They created a platform for Creative Indian Artists to represent themselves at the international levels