How Legal Salah is doing things differently than other Legal Tech Startups in India!

Legal Salah is a legal tech startup that started operations in 2015. Headquartered in Kolkata with offices in different cities in India, Legal Salah provides advisory services on legal, taxation and business loans to business professionals, start-ups and SMEs. With its online legal advisory portal, anybody residing anywhere in the world can seek guidance across different segments. Soon, this Indian legal tech startup is going to launch a cloud-based tax portal to make the process of filing of income tax and other taxes easier.

Today, in this interview session, we have with us the four young founders of Legal Salah. In this conversation, they tell us about their inspiring journey!

Hi, welcome to this interview session of conflatingVisions. To start with, we would like to know a few lines about the founders of Legal Salah.

Legal Salah, the online legal advisory portal has been founded by Subh Jha, Abhinit Singh, Sujit Jha and Tausif Warsi.

Subh is a qualified CS and has an LLB degree. He is the CEO of Legal Salah.

Abhinit is a CA and holds the MD portfolio of the company.

Sujit is an advocate and is the COO of Legal Salah.

Tausif is a CS and is the Head of the Compliance Department of Legal Salah.

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When did you start working on Legal Salah?

The idea of Legal Salah was conceived back in 2014. It came into operation on November 26, 2015.

What was the motivation behind launching the online legal advisory portal?

In India, there is a lag in the transparent pricing of legal and taxation matters dealt through various professionals.

Our objective was to build an online legal advisory portal and a platform where all the legal and taxation works can be done in a simple way and also it would be accessible to all individuals in India.

Please tell us about Legal Salah.

Legal Salah provides one-stop solutions for all legal, tax, compliance and business loan services to start-ups and SMEs under one roof without putting them into hassles. We also strive hard to provide free guidance to start-ups and SMEs while setting up their business.

In what ways are you different from other existing legal tech startups?

Our services set us apart from other existing legal tech startups in India. We have a transparent pricing for all our services and we also have a prepaid service based model.

How were the first 90 days of your journey?

The idea of Legal Salah had to go through lots of improvisation. We had our share of bumpy rides. We didn’t have any external funding. With each and every paisa coming from our own pockets and some physical infrastructures even from our own, it was difficult to sustain in the initial days. It was equally difficult to maintain faith in what we were doing.

But with our group of young, inexperienced minds with passion driven and achievers’ spirit attitude, we continue to pursue our dream. We have started with a 200 sq. ft. office with 3 people. Presently, we have 15 core team members. We also have over 2,500 registered professionals on board. In the past two years, we have served more 15,000 clients all over India. The list includes some of the reputed brands like Sulekha, Fujifilm, etc.

How is the present scenario?

The market in which we are operating is worth approximately INR 4.2 billion in India. Also, the GST market in India is going to be more than INR 1 billion soon.

We know, Legal Salah have competitors like IndiaFilings and Vakilsearch. But, we feel the market is still huge and 10 more big players can easily survive.

Please share some of your success stories.

Legal Salah started off with a 200 sq. ft. office with only 3 people and now we have a team of 15+ core members along with more than 3500+ registered professionals with us that enable us to cater services in over 150 cities in India. We have offices in Kolkata, Delhi, Patna, Jammu & Kashmir and Dhanbad. The key to success is persistence and patience for any startup. The short-term goals are equally important with long-term goals.

We have respect for each of our team members. We feel without mutual respect a company cannot grow into a reputable brand. Thus, a team matters the most in bringing success to a company rather than any individual.

What are your plans to scale up the growth of Legal Salah?

Legal Salah has served more than 2500 start-ups and SMEs so far. Soon, we will also be launching another cloud-based tax portal for easy filing of income tax and other taxes.

Anything else you want to share.

Legal Salah is a self-sustainable business and is not funded by any angel investor or venture capitalists.

And one last question of this session, if you have had one wish…

We wish to see Legal Salah as the number 1 legal tech service provider in India.


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