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LetUsGo is a travel agency in Kolkata but it is quite different from the ones existing in the tourism industry. This travel startup with their guided city tours helps local people in knowing their own cities. And, this is exactly where lies their strength. The tagline of LetUsGo – “Let us Walk! Click! Eat! Feel!” pretty much sums up what they actually do in a nutshell. LetUsGo has many other unique interesting offerings in their magic basket. They offer real travel experiences. Sometimes you will be travelling on bicycles, sometimes on foot and sometimes on tuktuks or trains. Camping in the wild or stopping at a local home and often staying in the lesser known family run vintage homes can be refreshing! In totality, a day or a few days with LetUsGo can be a great experience for travel enthusiast people!

We will be knowing more about LetUsGo today as the three founders of the company join us in this interview session to share their story!

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Hi, welcome to this interview session of conflatingVisions. To start with, we would like to know a few lines about the founders of LetUsGo.

LetUsGo is the venture of three persons – Deepayan Roy, Debraj Bhattacharyya and Soumyabrata Datta who worked for the same company back in 2007. Later, Deepayan pursued Masters from IIM Calcutta and shifted to a different domain. Debraj and Soumyabrata, however, stayed back in the same company and same industry.

Deepayan Roy is an Engineering Graduate by Education with a Masters from IIM Calcutta. Initially, he was working as a SAP consultant. After that, he switched to Banking and worked in this industry for a couple of years before founding LetUsGo. He is the one who conceptualized the idea of this company for the first time. Deepayan looks after Products, Strategy, Corporate Tie-ups, Digital Marketing and Branding Verticals of LetUsGo.

Debraj Bhattacharyya started his career with the Pharma industry before switching to the IT industry. His growth was exponential and quickly he became a most sought after SAP consultant in the region. Debraj along with Soumyabrata Datta also runs a successful IT company known as ZCS. He looks after Sales, Logistics and Accounts Vertical of LetUsGo.

Soumyabrata Datta, fondly known as Sam to all, has a killer sense of Marketing, Sales and Products. Earlier, he was heading the SAP division of an IT company before starting his first company ZCS with Debraj. He currently looks after Sales, Marketing and Events Vertical of LetUsGo.

Why did you decide to do something in the field of travel?

Due to different job commitments, Deepayan has to travel extensively all over India. He was in Mumbai for many years and attended many Walking Tours there. He realized that Kolkata has a scope for organized tours. The city is known as the Cultural Capital of India and there are many heritage places that can be explored. Although there were many people who were working in this domain, their priority was always the foreigner customers.

We, on the other hand, are always focused on educating the local people about their city. We identified that we ourselves do not seem to know much about our own city. So we have launched #KnownUrCity campaign under which we always try to educate the local people to know and contribute to their own city cause.

When did you conceptualize the idea of LetUsGo?

Back in 2015 Deepayan conceptualized the idea of LetUsGo based on the problems and opportunities he saw in the market. He shared his thoughts with Debraj and Soumyabrata and both of them agreed to work on it. This is how LetUsGo began!

What are some of your signature tours that set you apart from other travel companies?

Midnight Heritage City Tour of Kolkata (First time in entire East India) / Walking with ghosts (Widely Covered in Media).

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How has been the growth of LetUsGo since inception?

Growth is steady and we have recently launched our second travel initiative known as Nimbu Pani.

What are your present challenges?

Let us mention a few challenges.

  • The mindset of people about knowledge has a price tag.
  • Lack of help from the local administration.

We are hopeful of getting supports from all the local bodies in the future cities we will be going to.

What are your plans to scale up the growth of LetUsGo?

We are already scaling up as per our original plans. Soon, we will be launching city tours in a couple of cities that include Pune, Patna, Bhopal and Bhubaneswar. We have also launched a few heritage tours in Egypt.

And one last question of this session, if you have had one wish…

We wish people at least know about the city he/she lives in or born in as per our #knowurcity campaign!


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