Legal news in short and simple English – This is what Legal News Application InCourt is doing!

People having no exposure to the legal background often find it difficult to understand legal news, judgements and verdicts pronounced by a court of law. To make the process simple for such people, 4 legal professionals starting working to develop a legal news application a few years back. Their efforts gave results and in September 2016, legal news startup InCourt was born. Right from the beginning, the objective of the founders of InCourt was straightforward – to share legal news in short and simple English so that every person can interpret them easily.

Today, we will get to know more about this legal news application, as the core team members of InCourt join us in this conversation with conflatingVisions.

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Hi, welcome to conflatingVisions. Please tell us a few lines about the founders of your legal news startup InCourt.

Legal news startup InCourt has been founded by M Abhijnan, an NLU Jodhpur alumni and a Senior Associate in the area of corporate law, Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, Managing Partner of a Delhi based Law Firm, Jatin Sahani and Garima Yadav again an NLU alumni.

Please tell us about InCourt.

InCourt is a legal news application, which keeps you updated about the recent changes in law and decisions of various courts and regulatory bodies on the daily basis. Our major catch is that the news is given in short and simple language, to a maximum of 60 words coupled with informative video/relevant picture and link to the main source. We give the flexibility to readers to go to the main page for complete elaborated version of the information.

What made you think of launching this legal news application InCourt?

As a first generation lawyer, Abhijnan always witnessed the way law was treated. Even though it is for the common people, it remains far from being understood let alone use it. Going into the roots, Abhijnan realised that it was due to the way law was being presented.

Secondly, the legal news updates were always either lengthy or delayed and it became difficult to get a gist in short time. And hence, the thought of InCourt was born, which will serve as one stop solution to all the legal news.

How difficult and challenging was it to turn the thoughts of legal news application InCourt into reality?

Starting up sounds really fancy, but it is nothing even close. It’s almost like being a parent to an egg, where you take care of it, nurture it so that it turns out to be a dragon some day. It’s actually a journey. It evolves you on many levels. It teaches you a lot many things. Getting the team together, sharing the same vision from scratch is a task but yes, it’s totally worth!

Please share the investment details.

We are currently seed funded by one of the angel investors and are looking forward to raise fresh funds in Series A.

How has been the growth of your legal news app InCourt since inception?

Legal Sector is an area with its own behaviour. We did not have too many benchmarks in the legal field to validate our idea, so we decided to first run a prototype and validate our idea. And to be honest, the response was overwhelming. 17000 organic downloads, like we did not spend even a rupee on marketing and we had 17000 active users within 5 months. That was when we decided to take it up on a serious note and build the application and website with a lot many features.

What are the present challenges? How are you dealing with them?

We currently need to upgrade our technology and Human Resource. We are already working on a lot more products within the application but being restricted on the funds’ end makes it a little difficult to scale up the work.

What are your plans to further scale up the business growth of InCourt?

We wish to ultimately cover legal news and updates of each populated geographical location of the country. So we would be entering into a lot more agreements with various national and vernacular publishing houses who have done remarkable work in the legal journalism. We would also be coming up with subscriptions for particular sections of law, take for example GST.

And, one last question of this session, if you have had one wish…

Abhijnan: I would wish for three more! Don’t judge me, I am a lawyer and I am designed to think this way.

And if not this, I would wish that InCourt is able to serve the purpose for which it has been founded!


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