An interview with Bangalore-based home baker Lavanya V Kotha, the founder of Kruthi Art of Crafting

Bangalore-based Lavanya V Kotha started her journey as a professional home baker in the year 2011 with the launch of her venture Kruthi Art of Crafting. During her early days as an entrepreneur, Lavanya used to conduct classes on craft makings. Later, the venture diversified into many other segments and started offering different baking classes.

Today, Lavanya V Kotha, the founder of Kruthi Art of Crafting joins us in this interview session to share her inspiring story with our readers.

Hi Lavanya, welcome to this interview session of conflatingVisions. To start with, we would like to know a few lines about yourself.

I’m Lavanya Kotha basically from Bangalore with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Diploma in Montessori training. Being a homemaker, I started my career pursuing my interest in teaching. It eventually opened up opportunities to learn and develop my skills in craft. Being a mother, I thought about options of running a business that would give me time to juggle between family and my interests. Thus, the journey of “Kruthi” the art of crafting started.

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Who inspired you to pursue baking as a profession?

Being a full-time Mom, trying new recipes for my daughter inspired me to start baking. My husband has always been supportive. He is my greatest inspiration who is always pushing me in reaching great heights.

Please tell us about Kruthi Art of Crafting.

Initially, Kruthi was all about teaching crafts (Thai art of leaf folding, cold porcelain flowers, paper quilling etc.) then slowly moved into desserts and cupcake classes. Now it has come to the point of baking cakes for people who want to explore the option of expressing their love/happiness via customized cakes. Kruthi conducts workshops on Baking (All Eggless) to name a few are cakes, desserts, cupcakes, cookies and decorations.

Give us a brief overview of your baking classes.

Baking classes are announced via social medias where interested people get in touch with us and enroll. Our baking classes on “Eggless and Gelatin Free Bakes” are our USPs. This is why many students (home bakers/homemakers) opt for our baking classes.

At Kruthi, we also have after class support system to help our students on any new concepts on baking or catching up with the trends in the market to keep them updated, which is free of cost.

How do go about innovating on the cake baking recipes? 

We do a lot of researches and experiments on how to come up with the new trends before it reaches the market.

What are some of the signature products of Kruthi Art of Crafting?

The main stream at KRUTHI is teaching but when it comes to production KRUTHI is also good at wedding cakes, dessert tables and whimsical cakes for keeping its clients happy.

What are some of the challenging cake designs that you have done so far?

These are the photographs of some of the challenging cake designs that we have executed so far.

Kruthi, Lavanya V Kotha, Lavanya Kotha, Baking, Eggless Baking, Baking Classes, Bangalore, Gelatin Free Bakes, Cakes, Cake, Wedding Cakes

Mixing the baking ingredients in the right proportions can create a successful baked product. How do you go about deciding the proportions of the baking ingredients? 

Sometimes I feel like a scientist when developing recipes as it’s challenging to keep up the taste and texture because all the bakes are eggless.

Narrate some of your success stories.

I have been listed on the Limca Book of Records. We were a group of 6 home bakers. Attempted extreme cakes, over the top structures, crazy artistic abilities come together on 23rd December at “The Joy of Caking” show! 32 Degree Studio hosted the first ever cake art exhibit titled “The Joy of Caking” at the Orion Mall which won the Limca records in 2014 for LARGEST CARICATURE CAKE.

What are some of the challenges that a baker often has to face? How do you deal with them?

Challenges running this venture are facing the competitive world and coming up with new ideas, creations and most importantly, developing recipes which are all eggless, as well as organizing interactive workshops for all age groups.

What are your plans to scale up the growth of your venture Kruthi?

To organize workshops across India in a few cities and imparting the best of knowledge.

Anything else you want to share…

I have been associated with 32 Degree Studio for the last 4 years. I host their baking workshops and explore possible expansion opportunities in Bengaluru and South India.

And, one last question of this session, if you have had one wish…

I’m glad and thankful to God for what I’m today and never have felt I’m missing something. I face each day of my life with pride and happiness. What awaits me today has always kept me going!

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