An interview with Meenaz Kukshal, the founder of SugarLove at Bubzy’s Bakehouse

For Pune-based home baker Meenaz Kukshal, her journey with baking kicked off during her stay in Kinshasa, DR Congo. After coming back to India, Meenaz settled in Pune with her family. By that time, she learnt most of the tricks and lessons related to baking. In 2014, Meenaz decided to become a professional baker and in same year’s July, she started her baking venture SugarLove at Bubzy’s Bakehouse in Pune. Meenaz is also a talented photographer and she enjoys an added advantage while photographing her creations!

Today, in this interview session, we have with us Meenaz Kukshal, the founder of SugarLove at Bubzy’s Bakehouse. The talented home baker from Pune tells us her inspiring story in this conversation.

Hi Meenaz, welcome to this interview session of conflatingVisions. To start with, please tell us a few lines about yourself.

I am a Mother to an 8-year young daughter, a baker and a photographer. Previously, I studied Mechanical Engineering and have worked in companies like Tata, Idea, Hutchison 3G, etc. Soon after I delivered my daughter, we moved to Kinshasa (DR Congo). Boredom caught me over and I decided to pursue a hobby of photography. But since I stayed in a restricted area, I could not explore more. So I started baking and photographing my creations. Soon after, when we moved to India “SugarLove at Bubzy’s Bakehouse” was born. I love to photograph each of my creations. Some people struggle with photographing their product but I have an advantage here!

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Are you a self-taught baker? How did you learn baking?

Yes, I am a self-taught baker. However, I have taken few baking classes on cake decorating from top notch tutors in the field of baking.

The baking classes helped me a lot in improving my cake decorating skills.

When did you decide to become a professional baker? What inspired you to take that big decision?

When we moved to India, Pune was an emerging market for Home Bakers. One of my friends gave me my 1st order and since then there was no looking back.

Please tell us about SugarLove at Bubzy’s Bakehouse.

At SugarLove at Bubzy’s Bakehouse, we like to share smiles and some SugarLove with our clients. Every cake is special to us. We focus on creating new designs, until and unless the client gives us a specific requirement.

SugarLove at Bubzys Bakehouse, Meenaz Kukshal, Home Baker, Pune, Cake, Cakes, Baking, Baking Classes

SugarLove at Bubzys Bakehouse, Meenaz Kukshal, Home Baker, Pune, Cake, Cakes, Baking, Baking Classes

How do go about innovating on the cake baking recipes?

Experimenting with new flavors is a challenge, the new one being Lavender sponge with lemon curd. Our experiments never stop.

What are some of the signature products of SugarLove at Bubzy’s Bakehouse? Which one is your personal favorite?

Chocolate Chunk Eggless Brownies is our signature product. Apart from that, Chocolate Drip cakes with French Macarons with various fillings like Raspberry, Pistachio, Lavender, Rose are our all time favorites.

My personal favorite is  Raspberry Macaron.

Please share some baking tips.

Patience is the key to success and baking is all about patience.

Meenaz, narrate some of your success stories.

Inspiring people with your cake designs is a success to me. Winning a section in cake decorating collaborations about how neat your creation is, is a success to me.

We have interviewed many home bakers on conflatingVisions. Most of them have told us that there are many people who tend to compare their products’ prices with those of the local bakeries. How do you deal with this issue?

We do not believe in comparing prices. Our moto is to provide finest possible products with the finest ingredients used in every creation. Each of our edible products is made with utmost care and food hygiene is maintained throughout the process. So if a person is looking for this, there is a price for that. Our clients are particular about flavors, designing and adaptability towards their demand. We provide a flexible ear to them.

SugarLove at Bubzys Bakehouse, Meenaz Kukshal, Home Baker, Pune, Cake, Cakes, Baking, Baking Classes

What are your plans to scale up your baking business?

Improving my skills further and cultivate loyal customers.

Anything else you want to share…

Like what you do and do what you like. For me, baking and photography go hand in hand. They serve as the mediums which give me a sense of relaxation.

And one last question of this session, if you have had one wish…

To have a Studio café where people would come, enjoy and relax along with our SugarLove.

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