Story Voyage – The tale of Chennai-based Storyteller Priti Sudarsan!

As a kid, I have always enjoyed listening to stories narrated by the elderly members of my family or by my teachers. I am quite sure that all of you reading this post have had the same feeling during your childhood days. Stories influence our lives. And many a time they help us become a good and successful human being. Positive stories from the influencers around us inspire us. Stories of failures give us some valuable lessons. A Storyteller, thus, indirectly helps us in shaping our lives. They silently play the role of architects of our future!

Today, we have a Storyteller amongst us who started Story Voyage in 2015. Priti Sudarsan, the Storyteller presently based in Chennai joins us in this conversation to share her own story with our readers!

Hi Priti, welcome to this interview session with conflatingVisions. To begin with, please tell us a few lines about yourself.

Hi! I am Priti Sudarsan, an economist by profession, now a Storyteller involved in training kids and adults to communicate better with theatre activities. I was brought up in Mumbai, attended college in Chennai and started working in the banking sector and mutual fund industry. After my marriage, I also worked briefly with Times of India Teach India program.

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Tell us about your storytelling venture Story Voyage.

I started my venture Story Voyage in 2015. I tell stories to kids in the bus and give them a first-hand experience of travelling to the very place where they get to meet the characters.

Priti, you are doing a great job. We would like to know about your journey as a storyteller so far.

I have attended workshops on storytelling and theatre games from Ms. Poppy. I have also attended workshop under Mrs. Geetha Ramanujam. In 2016, I took part in The International Storytelling Festival in Chennai where I learnt a lot from the workshops as I worked closely with the committee and was a part organizing team.

Last year, I did exclusive storytelling sessions for an educational organisation – Pollen Cubes.

I have done a couple of workshops and storytelling sessions in places like Chennai Hippocampus, Ashivita Bristo, Weebees Playschool, Pumpkin Patch, Oyster kids, Jus books to name a few. For the kids of Arsha Vidya Mandir and Harishree Vidyalayam, I also conducted few individual workshops. I have even done outstation workshops in storytelling training for teachers in Nagpur.

While being a part of the International Storytelling Festival, I worked closely with international Storytellers like Randell McGee, Ruth Stotter, etc to name a few.

How does your storytelling sessions influence the kids, the adults and the teachers?

My story training workshops help the individuals who aspire to become Storytellers or would want to improve their communication skills. The workshops help in identifying the strengths of the person and help him/her work towards the goal. A training workshop lasts for two to three days. A single day workshop would help them to come out of the shell and communicate better and also grab the attention of the listeners.

I love this profession. It keeps me motivated as I get to see others performing and also in return I learn something from them. That keeps me going and I love it.

How is a typical day in your life?

My typical day is no different as I have two kids around. One of them is 7-years-old and the other one is 4-years-old. I always try to get some time off to explore some new places for Story Voyage and of course some new stories on a regular basis.

What are your future plans for Story Voyage?

My future plan is to build a brand of my venture Story Voyage. I also aim to better myself as a Storyteller by working on all my flaws.

And one last question of this session Priti, if you have had one wish…

My wish would be to meet Aamir Khan rather go on a date with him and tell him how much I adore him. And, may be, I shall try and tell him my stories and impress him to make a movie!

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