How Bangalore’s food startup FeastAndBurp helps you relish home cooked foods at affordable prices!

Bangalore, the startup city of India, is also home to many innovative food startups. While many food startups in Bangalore concentrate on aggregating home chefs, others aggregate restaurants to build their business and serve a wide range of customers. The main problem for such food businesses arises at the time of scaling up. To cater to the increasing demands and to boost the profit margins, many home chefs and restaurants tend to compromise on the quality of foods which in turn negatively affects their businesses in the long run. There are many renowned food startups which have shut shops primarily because of this reason. Hence, quality is the leading ingredient of a food business and Bangalore-based food startup FeastAndBurp (FAB) knows it very well. FeastAndBurp, started in early 2016 by Jincy, S, aims at delivering home cooked delicious foods at affordable prices right at its customers’ doorsteps.

The primary advantage that a customer gets while ordering from this food startup is he/she have the control on the ingredients that would go in their food! Since inception, FeastAndBurp has grown few folds. The proud and the energetic founder Jincy feels that delivering on their said promises has helped them in writing down their own success stories!

Today, Jincy, the founder and the chief architect behind FeastAndBurp joins us in this interview session to tell us her inspiring story.

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Hi Jincy, welcome to this interview session of conflatingVisions. To start with, we would request you to tell us a few lines about the founders of FeastAndBurp (FAB).

Hello and thanks for considering me for this interview. I am Jincy, a graduate from Pune and completed my Nursing from Mumbai as I thought that was the best way to serve patients and get blessings. But eventually, I moved out of India and things got a little difficult as I was moving in ahead for a family life. I got married and settled in Bangalore and living with my supportive husband and my lovely angel. I also worked with multiple MNCs and then finally felt that having your own business earns you so much respect and that’s how FeastAndBurp (FAB) was finally into place. I never wanted a co-founder as I always preferred to have a person with a similar frequency and thought process as mine.

FeastAndBurp, FAB, Jincy, Bangalore, Startup, Startup City of India, Food Startups, Food Startup, Food Business, Home Chefs, Restaurants, Malabar Chicken Biryani, Kappa, Tapioca, Fish Curry, Food Startups in Bangalore, Customized Meals

What inspired you to step into the field of food business?

I had this thought and idea for about two years, but did not execute it as I wasn’t quite confident on the same. I have always loved food and enjoyed cooking, so whenever there is gatherings or family parties, it’s me in the kitchen. The number of dishes and the head counts never bothered me. So everyone always pushed me to the thought of starting to serve corporate tiffins and meals, but I was hesitant. I took the risk of serving foods and meals to my extended family that is my friends’ families and their friends. I got an overwhelming response for my foods. This is how my food business FEASTANDBURP (FAB) was born finally.

Please tell us about your food startup FeastAndBurp. What’s is the working model of your food business?

FEASTANDBURP is all about homely delicious food at economical prices delivered right at your doorstep. The customers have control on the ingredients they want, so it’s as good as cooking their own food with some extra hands.

With so many wide options available in the market, we feel FAB is still quite ahead in the market due to various reasons.

  • We are customer oriented.
  • We serve the food what we would like anyone else to serve us on the table.
  • We are passionate about our food and believe that you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.
  • Be it home or work, we deliver food which is healthy and can be relished.


FeastAndBurp, FAB, Jincy, Bangalore, Startup, Startup City of India, Food Startups, Food Startup, Food Business, Home Chefs, Restaurants, Malabar Chicken Biryani, Kappa, Tapioca, Fish Curry, Food Startups in Bangalore, Customized Meals

What are some of the signature cuisines of FeastAndBurp?

FeastAndBurp (FAB) is known for customizing combo meals. We have authentic Kerala cuisines and one must try the Malabar Chicken Biryani, the Kappa (Tapioca) and Fish Curry. If you love the spices of Kerala, then you will just fall in love with it. Lots of other regular orders are my Samosas, Cutlets, Jeera Rice, etc.

There are many food startups operating in Bangalore and they demand to serve home cooked healthy food to their customers. In what ways are you different from them?

Yes, you correctly said, there are so many food startups in Bangalore which serve home food, homely meals, etc, but how many sustained? That doesn’t mean that we have built a thousand of customers base. But, yes, even we have just hundreds of customers we have maintained the same quality, taste, quantity and the hygienic way as promised. My strength is my repetitive orders and my customers.

Please tell us about the growth story of FeastAndBurp.

We started with 10 thalis or meal boxes and with a limited menu. Now we have orders going in for 25, 50 and so on. Till date, we have catered around 150 meal boxes and customized meals as per client requirements.

Jincy, how do you go about building a successful customer base for your food business?

We stay connected with the customers, take opinions from them. Maintaining promises of what we say is the key to building our repetitive customer base. Also, we promote our products and brand on several Social Media platforms and keeps our website content up to date.

Running a food business is never an easy job as there are many associated challenges. What are some of the challenges for you? How do you deal with them?

  • Food Quality: We have never changed the taste or compromised on the quality or quantity of our foods. Once the customer knows your taste and quality a very wrong approach to substitute grows. However, we have always adhered to our promises.
  • Peak Delivery Timings: Yes we have had this as the biggest challenge, but we have always tried to keep our customers informed about the same so the customer losing control is minimal.
  • Profit Margins: We start with a decent pricing and as we see the customer base increasing and the regular orders coming in everyone tends to increase the rates. We have stuck to the pricing and we still remain on the same prices for this year too.

What are your future plans to scale up the growth of FeastAndBurp?

  • Recruitments.
  • Expand to other cities.
  • More marketing.
  • Contests and offers.
  • Franchises.

Anything else you want to share…

An entrepreneur should have the following three skills:

  • Patience: Nothing happens overnight, so have the patience to see the failures and success.
  • Perseverance: It will take time actually to see results of what you work on, and competitors will jump in on you but stay focused.
  • Confidence: Believe in your own self, and if you are determined then you can overcome uncertainty. You don’t let other people convince you that your idea or your business wont succeed.


And one last question of this session Jincy, if you have had one wish…

To explore each and every cuisine all over the world and then put them on under one roof. I mean starting my own restaurant.


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