TravelHighway travel portal: A Software Engineer couple’s initiative to End Travellers’ Concerns!

Many a time it happens that we planned a trip and few things don’t fall in the right places. Situations become worse when we try to visit places that have very less information on the web space. Just think of a place you are searching on Google and you don’t even get its map on the Google Maps! It might be quite annoying. At times fetching information on such offbeat destinations also become a tiresome job. However, keeping aside all the worries, if you make an attempt to visit such destinations, the pain that you have to undertake would be rewarded with unexplored beauties. To ease this pain, a Software Engineer couple from Bangalore started TravelHighway in January 2016. Harsha and Anuradha, the couple, both are travel enthusiasts. Hence, they are quite aware of the troubles that a traveller has to go through while planning a trip. With an objective to make travellers’ lives easier, they began working on developing a travel portal that would be different from other existing travel websites. Their efforts led to the birth of TravelHighway.

TravelHighway is a travel portal which aims at providing each and every possible information about a particular place. Using this travel portal, one can also book rooms in different hotels quite easily.

Today, in this interview session of conflatingVisions, we have Anuradha, one of the founders of TravelHighway with us to share their story.

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Hi Anuradha, welcome to this interview session of conflatingVisions. Please tell us a few lines about the founders of TravelHighway.

Harsha and me are the founders of TravelHighway. We are a travel enthusiast Software Engineer couple from Bangalore, with a motto to make other travellers’ lives easier. We love road trips and exploring offbeat destinations. Furthermore, we are also a photographer-writer duo, whose work you can see in our blog and social media handles such as Instagram.

Both of you are IT professionals. Are you still continuing your IT jobs? What motivated you to become entrepreneurs?

Our experience in IT has laid a firm foundation on the outcome of our travel portal. I have quit my full-time job to work on TravelHighway.

The entrepreneurial journey was something that we didn’t choose or were ambitious about, but something that just happened due to TravelHighway. We only had one focus, to ease the tedious and overwhelming process of planning a trip.

Please tell us about TravelHighway. What is the working model of TravelHighway?

TravelHighway is a travel portal aimed at curating all possible information about a place, organized into various categories for quick access. In short, everything at one place. Be it the history of the place, weather, tourist attractions, things to do, how to reach, places nearby or hotels/accommodations; we want to include it all.

TravelHighway runs on affiliate marketing as of now and we have plans to collaborate with a couple of brands in the near future.

Karavali, TravelHighway, Travel Portal, Travel Website, Traveller, Travellers, Offbeat Destinations, Anuradha, Harsha

There are many travel portals across the world. In what ways do you attempt to be different from them?

With the advent of many travel portals, the focus is being dragged towards bookings/tour packages rather than places. And the information that’s available on the internet is distributed/scattered. TravelHighway aims to combine the above problems and provide one solution.

You must have had experienced a lot during your travels. Which one do you consider the most memorable?

Unforgettable memories are what we crave for during our travels. It is a tough choice to choose one memory, so let me describe 2 of the recent ones.

During our recent road trip to Karavali a.k.a the coastal side of Karnataka, we decided to go a little offbeat and headed towards Bengre Beach in search of an estuary, hoping that it would be good. And it definitely was. It felt like driving on a no man’s land, with a peacefully flowing river on one side, decorated with the beautiful palm trees and a rough sea on the other side. And the place where the river met the sea, looked magical!

Karavali, TravelHighway, Travel Portal, Travel Website, Traveller, Travellers, Offbeat Destinations, Anuradha, Harsha

On another trip to Masinagudi, we were staying amidst the forest of Madhumalai range of Tamil Nadu. We were sitting outside our room, peering into the forest from our porch, when a herd of hundred odd Deers (probably more) decided to walk by in front of us. One after the other, slowly, looking whimsically at us every now and then, questioning our presence at times and outright ignoring us the other times. It was a beautiful sight to behold. You can read about more such travel experiences in our blog.

What were some of the challenges that you faced in your journey with TravelHighway? How did you overcome them?

The first and foremost challenge was to build the TravelHighway, sacrificing the weekends and other travel plans of ours (which is kind of an irony). But now that we look back, turns out that was the easiest phase! The challenging phase is the one we are in right now, to make it reach other travellers and improve it even more. While challenges act like triggers, hard work is the only way through which we can overcome such phases.

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Please tell us about some of TravelHighway’s success stories.

Our success milestones are a little unconventional. Reaching a social media follower count of 6k within a few months, friendly emails and messages from our visitors regarding how helpful the website was to them in planning a trip, constantly receiving thousands of visitors to our website and blog and the cheerful comments that leave us spellbound at times and of course, making entry into the 1st and 2nd pages of Google Search results for many places was an icing on the cake.

What are your future plans?

Now that we have got good feedback regarding our work, our next goal is to make TravelHighway a success commercially as well. More plans are being made to collaborate with highly helpful brands and to chalk out more places and content to our website and blog!

Anything else you want to share…

TravelHighway is our brain-child and we only hope it helps other travellers out there to travel better! If it does (or did), don’t forget to drop a mail to us. It would make us two happy souls.

And, one last question of this session, if you have had one wish…

The ability to never stop.



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