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India still doesn’t have enough doctors. The patients to doctor ratio in the country are quite high. And, the healthcare ecosystem in India is far from being ideal. However, situations are gradually improving for a better India with every passing day. To solve some of the major existing problems in the healthcare segment many Indian startups are venturing into this space. The existence of online healthcare startups in developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom, etc is nothing new. But, for a developing country like India the concept of providing healthcare online is still at a very nascent stage. The promising part is many entrepreneurs are willing to bring a positive change in the healthcare sector in India. This has positively contributed towards bringing an exponential growth in the Indian healthcare industry. E-commerce is playing a major role in driving the much needed change.

In this post, we are lisitng down some of the promising online healthcare startups in India that are driving India towards a new dawn! Please note, this list is not based on any sort of ranking and the post is being made to provide information to the readers of this platform.

Online Healthcare Startups in India


Curofy is undoubtedly among the fastest growing digital health startups in India. With its interactive platform, doctors across the globe can get connected with each other. Simply put, Curofy is LinkedIn for doctors. This emerging online healthcare startup has a medical networking app using which a doctor can get in touch with other doctors, call them with a single tap, discuss medical conditions and collaborate with them. It also hosts job listings from leading hospitals and healthcare institutions of the country. And, doctors can also apply for jobs through the Curofy app.

Gurgaon-based Curofy started its journey in February 2015. The founders are 3 friends from IIT Delhi – Nipun Goyal, Mudit Vijayvergiya and Pawan Gupta. Right from their college days, they wanted to do something in the online healthcare segment in India. The year 2012 marks the start of their entrepreneurial journey when they developed a medical tourism platform. With every passing day, they gained significant knowledge on the existing healthcare ecosystem in India. Nipun, Mudit and Pawan were able to spot certain loopholes in this segment and decided to fill them up with their realistic ideas. The idea was to bring a change in the communication channels for doctors.

Soon, social media and healthcare were brought in a single package and Curofy was born. The online healthcare industry has a huge potential in India. As Indians are becoming tech savvy, the rise of digital health startups in inevitable. The increasing use of technology among the Indians has also contributed to the growth of the social media healthcare startup Curofy. At present, more than 190,000 medical professionals from over 1,500 cities are registered on Curofy. The idea of blending social media and healthcare has already become a hit.

With proper implementation of efficient short-term goals, Curofy could play a big role in the coming days.


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Docplexus is another young Indian startup in the online healthcare space of the country. Launched in 2014, Docplexus works as a networking platform for healthcare professionals. The online community platform of Docplexus helps the doctors in India in many ways. It increases the network reach and visibility of a doctor.

In India, majority of the doctors interact with each other in offline mediums and in most of the times they have to depend on their hospital networks. And, a small percentage of the doctors’ fraternity make use of emails. For Phanish Chandra, an IIT Kharagpur alumni, this was a problem. He thought doctors aren’t getting enough reach to discuss unknown and critical medical conditions of patients with their peers. After years of hardwork, he found out a way to solve this problem and launched his social media healthcare startup Docplexus.

Pune-based Docplexus aggregates and connects doctors across India so that they can take better clinical decisions. The platform presently has over 150,000 verified Allopathic doctors from 1500 cities and towns across India. According to the numbers furnished on the Docplexus’ website, around 12,000 doctors logs in to their website daily. The startup further claims that, as of now, 10,000 clinical cases have been discussed on their platform. For memberships, Docplexus don’t charge any fees from the doctors. Memberships are allowed only after strict verification of documents and MCI registration number.


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Attune Technologies

The demand for cloud computing in healthcare industry has risen significantly in the last few years. Leading hospitals in India don’t mind investing in the latest technologies to stay strong in the competitive market. Even small clinics and pathological laboratories are also not far behind in keeping pace with the advancement in technologies. Hence, it is quite apparent that the business of health IT startups would flourish. The services of cloud computing in healthcare industry has become quite a necessity. To explore this space, Attune Technologies started operations in December 2008.

Attune Technologies is the brainchild of Arvind Kumar, Ramakrishnan Venkataraman, Dr. Anand Gnanaraj and Mohanaraj Paramagurusamy. The company provides cloud based healthcare IT products to hospitals, clinics and medical laboratories. Attune also develops software and deploy them at several healthcare institutions of the country. The different services of the company integrate laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, blood banks, radiology, medical devices (IoT), insurance companies and accounting departments with each other. This helps in easy availability and transmission of information across the connected networks. For example, a hospital connected to a laboratory on cloud can help a doctor access a patient’s medical information and test reports right from his chamber. When efficiency of the departments of an organization improves, it contributes to the increase in revenues. Attune’s cloud computing and software solutions thus are much beneficial for the healthcare instituitons.

At present, Attune healthcare institutions of 15 countries is making use of Attune’s services. Being an early entrant to have introduced cloud computing in healthcare industry, Attune has surely reaped many benefits!


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If you visit the website of Lybrate, you will see a message which says, “We are building the future of Health Care delivery.” This is exactly what health care portal Lybrate has been doing since 2013.

Lybrate, started by Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang is among the fastest growing medical startups in India. It helps in connecting patients with doctors. The health care portal of Lybrate has a large list of doctors across different locations in India. It also hosts detailed information of the listed doctors. A patient can easily schedule an appointment with a preferred doctor using the mobile app or website of the company. Lybrate, thus in a way helps patients in avoiding the hassles of physical visits to clinics or hospitals for booking appointments with a doctor. This online healthcare startup also helps doctors in growing their practice. The interface also empowers patients ask queries for free. They can also enter into personalized interaction with doctors on payment of fees online.

Lybrate was born out of a problem. Saurabh Arora, one of its founders, often saw pharmacy stores prescribing medicines to patients. This made him worried. Saurabh was of the opinion that taking medicines without proper diagnosis can further deteriorate a patient’s health. Furthermore, the patient to doctor ratio is much high in India. To build a solution around this problem, Lybrate was conceptualized and launched.


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Credihealth, an Indian online healthcare startup, is a platform where people around the world can seek medical advice from reliable sources. It provides detailed information on doctors, hospitals, medical ailments, treatments and post-treatment care. In short, Credihealth is a patient’s personal medical assistant that helps in the entire process of medical treatment. By using the information furnished on this online healthcare portal, a patient or a patient’s family member can take decisions on booking appointments with doctors of their choice at their preferred hospitals. Credihealth’s portal also has the option to compare doctors, the medical facilities and charges of different hospitals.

The founders Ravi Virmani, Gaurav Gaggar and Saurabh Uboweja wanted to build a disruptive model that would challenge the conventions of traditional healthcare. In January 2014, they started Credihealth with an aim of bringing a positive change in the healthcare sector of India.


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