Global Cake Toppers, a journey towards flawless Sugarcraft Sculpting – The story of Anjali Tambde!

There are many ways to achieve success. And, the most important ones are hard work, patience and the ability to learn from the failures. Nobody can replace them with any other alternatives. Anjali Tambde has all these qualities which eventually helped her to become a successful entrepreneur. Anjali has mastered the art of sugarcraft sculpting which has also fetched her many accolades from all around the world. Being a qualified Fashion Designer with a large interest in Painting and Clay Art, Anjali never misses out to come up with the best possible cake toppers. She is the proud founder of Global Cake Toppers, presently based in Dublin, Ireland. If you go through the portfolios of Global Cake Toppers, each and every work would leave you amazed!

Today, the very talented Anjali Tambde joins us in this interview session from Dublin, Ireland. She takes pride in revealing how she established Global Cake Toppers as one of the best in the industry. We hope this interview session with Anjali Tambde would also inspire to follow your passion.

Hi Anjali, welcome to this interview session of conflatingVisions. To start with, please tell us a few lines about yourself.

Hi, my name is Anjali Tambde and I am the founder/owner of Global Cake Toppers and the creative mind behind the toppers that you see on

Having born to an artist mother, I was naturally inclined to every form of art and craft. From early childhood, I have always been fascinated to clay art like pottery, cold ceramics, sculpting, miniatures, etc. I also have an avid interest in painting and it has earned me many awards and accolades during my school and college life. I did Fashion Designing from Mumbai, India and got the first rank in my college. After finishing studies, I did a teaching job for a couple of years then moved to London and eventually to Dublin.

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Please tell us about your venture Global Cake Toppers and when did you decide to start it? What inspired you to take this big step?

After moving to London, I developed further interest in sugarcraft sculpting and started creating miniature figures for my friends and family. After I moved to Dublin, I had some free time as my child started attending the school. That’s when I decided to use my skills professionally and give some credibility and exposure to what I do. I named my business Global Cake Toppers as I really wanted my creations to have a class that is unmatched not only in Ireland but at international level. I take pride in saying that Global Cake Toppers is now synonymous with premium quality, attention to detail and is considered one of the best in the industry.

I try to use all my knowledge from Fashion Designing, Painting and Clay Sculpting to build the toppers with every minute detail possible that makes it look very much personalized.

Anjali, how do you go about selecting the designs for your cake toppers? Is there any particular workflow that you follow?

Every topper is made to look very much personal and is strongly defined by the character of the person it belongs to. The cake topper is supposed to strengthen their belief and their pride in what they do or love. It could be someone’s passion or profession or both that I try to capture and show in the cake topper. Every person is unique and beautiful in their own way that’s what make these cake toppers even more beautiful.

What has been the most challenging cake topper design that you have done so far?

It will be difficult to say which one was the most challenging but I think every time I try something new it’s a big challenge. The Fairy with butterfly wings was very difficult due to the patterns on the delicate wings. The monkey with the castanets was another one as it had  to realistic and the fantasy flowers due to its pattern designs and color combinations.

Global Cake Toppers, Anjali Tambde, Cake Toppers, Dublin, Ireland, Cakes, Cake, Sugarcraft Sculpting

Global Cake Toppers, Anjali Tambde, Cake Toppers, Dublin, Ireland, Cakes, Cake, Sugarcraft Sculpting

Anjali, please narrate some of your success stories.

Before starting Global Cake Toppers, I started selling my toppers through eBay. However, just by listing your products won’t fetch you customers. I figured out in a few days that creating a listing of a product is also an art as it has to be with the right description and placed in the right category. I also changed the product names according to the festive seasons and suddenly my products found an attention of my prospective customers. This experience helped me design my website and use the right keywords to help my website appear in top ranking in google search engine. Once your product is seen by more number of people it is bound to attract customers.

What are the present challenges that you are facing? How do you plan to overcome them?

I guess the biggest challenge is to manage time, work and family all at the same time which most of us do find difficult.

I limit my working hours and don’t overbook myself and try and balance work and family. Also, every cake topper is custom made and personalized which means I can only make a limited number of cake toppers. I am trying to find out how to reduce the tasks that don’t need my attention and if there is any better way to manage them so save time.

What are your future plans to scale up your business of Global Cake Toppers?

I would like to get into teaching and start my classes to teach various techniques I learned during my past 7-8 years. I would really want to dedicate more time to my classes and set up a learning studio for aspirant cake decorators.

Anjali, if you are given a chance to fix a failure of yours, what would you do?

This is one thing which I will never do as every failure teaches you a lot more than your success. These are your stepping stones to achieve higher scales in life. It also helps you stay focussed and stay humble.

Your tips to those who want to start the same business…

Trust your skills, work hard no matter what and never give up. Find out who is the best in the industry and make yourself ready to compete with the Best. It takes time for any business to flourish so have patience. If you love what you do, you will never want to give that up and that will help your business immensely.

Anything else you want to share…

Just one thing, any form of art is mastered over the years. So keep improving and never settle than anything but the Best.

And one last question of this session Anjali, if you have had one wish…

I wish I had more time in a day, as time is something that never comes back so make the most of it.


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