Growing concerns for Reliance Jio – 4G Internet speed declines; Reliance Jio barcodes are being redeemed illegally for issuing Jio sims!

Reliance Jio had an attractive official launch on September 01, 2016. The launch ceremony was adorned with the presence of several Indian celebrities from different fields. While the entire country was expecting something huge from the company, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) didn’t disappoint his fellow Indians. In RIL’s 42nd Annual General Meeting in Mumbai, Ambani made some interesting disclosures aimed at disrupting the country’s telecom market.

The same person way back in 2002 and 2003 did something similar. He gave us the joy of using mobile phones at literally throwaway prices! During that time, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Infocomm introduced a “Monsoon Hungama” scheme. The scheme bundled a CDMA handset with a mobile network connection for Rs. 501. On the flip side, this was the amount which other telecom operators were charging just for their new sim cards. The smart pricing strategy helped Reliance in acquiring a significant market share in the telecom segment. The control of Reliance Infocomm later went into the hands of Anil Ambani.

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By now, we all are aware of the several offerings from Reliance Jio. The most important ones that are drawing a huge number of users to use their network are unlimited voice calls and unlimited 4G internet offers free of cost until December 31, 2016. We all love to get something that has a value for free – right?

Undoubtedly, these free offerings got them a large number of users. With the ongoing Jio craze, the numbers are increasing with every passing day. But, the question arises how many of them would continue using their services after December 31, 2016. The actual loyal user base can only be assessed after that.

Reliance Jio – Handling the highest data traffic; Increase in call drops!

Reliance Jio is presently handling the highest data traffic among all the telecom operators in India. Quite surprisingly the telecom company achieved this feat months before their official launch when the services were meant for a limited number of users. The voice call qualities and the 4G internet speed were excellent before the official launch. Very few users complained of call drop issues at that time. But now, the scenario is entirely different! Jio users are now complaining of an increase in the number of call drops and a significant decrease in the internet speeds.

Jio’s 4G internet speed is now slowest in India

According to the data furnished by TRAI on its website yesterday, it appears that Reliance Jio’s 4G internet speed has gone down to a great extent. It listed 4G internet speeds of Airtel, Reliance Communications, Idea and Vodafone ahead of Reliance Jio.

In the speed test conducted by TRAI, Airtel fared best among the 4G telecom providers at 11.4 Mbps internet speed. Reliance Communications stood second at 7.9 Mbps followed by Idea at 7.6 Mbps, Vodafone at 7.3 Mbps and Reliance Jio at 6.2 Mbps.

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The craze for the Reliance Jio sim is still existent

Yesterday, we tried to conduct a finding on Reliance Jio. We wanted to see whether the craze of getting a Reliance Jio sim is still the same as it was a month back. We also wanted to find out how long a user has to wait now for getting the sim activated.

One of our team members who still doesn’t own a sim of the company went to Reliance Digital at Fortune Plaza, Durgapur at around 4:30 PM. There was no queue for obtaining a Jio sim. However, when he approached an official of the company for a sim card, he denied giving one citing various reasons. He reached there much ahead of the office closing hours. He was told that the concerned Reliance Digital outlet (Fortune Plaza Mall, Durgapur) is giving away a maximum number of 50-55 sim cards per day. And, the quota for the day was already met.

The official also said that many people start standing in the queue outside the main entrance of the mall from as early as 6:00 AM! And, when the mall opens they note down a maximum of 50-55 names from the queue to whom the sim cards would be issued for the day. However, when our team member asked him regarding the availability of the sim cards in many recharge shops, bookstores, beetle shops, etc. for prices between Rs. 50 – Rs. 500, he refused to divulge the details.

Your Reliance Jio barcode has been redeemed by some other person? This is how it happens!

Our official then went to a Digital Xpress Mini store (Nachan Road, Durgapur) which was nearby. There was a small queue in the store and the officials were still giving away the sim cards. When the turn of our team member came, he handed over his Aadhaar card to the concerned person. The store started the e-KYC process with the Aadhaar card. They even said that upon successful completion of all the formalities, the sim card would be activated within 2-3 hours. The e-KYC authentication took place quite fast and our team member even got an instant mail from on his email id. The mail said that the Aadhaar Number was used successfully to carry out the e-KYC Authentication using Fingerprint at the said store.

The problem took place a while later when the concerned official tried to scan the Jio barcode and the system said the code has been already redeemed. Now this was something unusual.

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Clarification that was given!

Clarification was sought as to how the Jio barcode got redeemed. In reply, the concerned official of the store said that many many stores randomly plays with the last few numbers of the Barcode to assign Jio Sims to users who don’t have a valid barcode. And, by the same process, our team member’s Jio barcode was used by some other person! The version from the authorized official of the company clearly depicts the actual scenario which is prevalent right now!

The Digital Xpress Mini store noted down the barcode number and user details in a register. They said they would mail the customer support of the company to resolve the issue. If the issue gets solved, then the company would send a message in the number furnished. Later on, we got in touch with a person who got a Jio sim card from the same Digital Xpress Mini store without any valid Jio barcode!

If you want to avoid the long queues for Jio sims, here is the alternative way! However, we would never recommend this!

The same day we went to a small recharge shop who was giving away Reliance Jio sim cards. He said he would get us one sim for Rs. 200. All we need to have is a valid Jio barcode and an Aadhaar number (for e-KYC verification) or any other identity proofs and a photograph (for offline verification). When we asked him about the source of the sim cards he clearly said many Reliance Digital stores and Jio officials are giving them the sim cards to reduce their work pressure! Now that was a way using which our team member could have easily got a Jio sim. But, he preferred to take the right and the legal way. A mail has been sent to the Jio support in this regard.

Unethical redemption of Jio barcodes necessarily means breach of privacy of a user

According to Reliance Jio’s official version, a single barcode can only be generated from a 4G smartphone and that necessarily means barcodes are assigned against the IMEI numbers. Redemption of someone’s Jio Barcode by some other person is a serious offence and shouldn’t be ignored. When a user generates the barcode using the official My Jio app on a 4G smartphone, he/she has to provide a couple of personal information. Now when this Reliance Jio barcode is redeemed by some other unauthorized person, it is a clear case of breach of privacy of a user. And, in this whole process, a user’s personal details is being compromised for unlawful, mala fide activities! The system at Reliance Jio is highly flawed!

We have mailed Reliance Jio at today and are expecting a quick reply from them soon. We would update this post once we get a reply from them.

Update (October 24, 2016)

We got a reply from Jio Support yesterday. The reply was short and they didn’t address the concern on the Breach of Privacy issue! They only said to get in touch with a Reliance Digital store who would definitely help in getting a Reliance Jio sim. Since, our team member is currently located in Kolkata, he therefore, went to a Xpress Mini Store (Ajaynagar, Kolkata) which was in close proximity to his place. But, they denied any sort of help even after showing the reply from! Clearly they didn’t had any clue of solving this issue!

However, if you faced any situation similar to this you should at least drop a mail to Jio Support. But, don’t expect a positive response. The mail would serve as an official document that you have informed them of such illegal malpractices. It would also help you in defending yourself in case if any unwanted situation occurs involving a Jio sim issued against your IMEI number without your knowledge!

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