In conversation with Cake Artist Meenakshi Sareen, the founder of Hyderabad-based Mia Torte Bakery

Mia Torte Bakery, a baking venture based in Hyderabad started its journey in the year 2014. The founder of this venture is Meenakshi Sareen who executes all the roles of her baking business. Apart from being a talented cake artist, Meenakshi is also an extremely confident lady who always love to chase her dreams. And, this led to the birth of Mia Torte Bakery. At Mia Torte Bakery, the cake lovers of Hyderabad can place their orders for customized theme cakes. All they need to do is communicate their ideas to Meenakshi, and the rest would be taken care of by her. Happy and returning customers for Mia Torte Bakery speaks of her success which is also helping her to increase her customer base. This is the story of Mia Torte Bakery in a nutshell.

Today, Meenakshi Sareen joins us in this conversation of conflatingVisions to share her entrepreneurial story. We hope this interview session with Meenakshi would also ignite your hidden desire of becoming an entrepreneur!

Hi Meenakshi, welcome to conflatingVisions. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Mrs. Meenakshi Sareen, Mother of two adorable daughters. I studied at Queen Mary’s School, Delhi, and then did my graduation from University of Delhi. I also studied German language from Max Muller Bhawan, New Delhi. For some time, I taught German language to students of class VI and VII in Manav shall School, New Delhi. I am a self-motivated person and run my enterprise alone.

Mia Torte Bakery, Hyderabad, Meenakshi Sareen, Cakes

How did you get started with baking?

My present enterprise Mia Torte Bakery, more or less started as a hobby, when I earlier used to bake cakes for friends and family members as a pass time activity.

What inspired you to take up baking as your profession and start Mia Torte Bakery?

Gradually, I found steady demand for my Cakes and after encouragement from a few friends and relatives, my present enterprise took shape under name and style Mia Torte Bakery. The name Mia Torte means My Cakes in Italian language.

What are some of the signature items of Mia Torte Bakery?

Mia Torte Bakery’s signature items are: a) Red Velvet Cake, b) Chocolate truffle, c) Fresh fruits/Orange cakes, d) Cupcakes.  I have also received appreciation for my Designer/Theme Cakes with these many flavours.

We all know creativity plays a big role in the success of a business. How do you try to be creative?

Very true, creativity plays a big role in our lives and by God’s grace, I possess this quality in myself.  I like to give my best in my presentations and taste, by excelling in designs and newness in my cakes from day to day on each occasion.

Mia Torte Bakery, Hyderabad, Meenakshi Sareen, Cakes, Baking, Baking Business, Theme Cakes

Mia Torte Bakery, Hyderabad, Meenakshi Sareen, Cakes, Baking, Baking Business, Theme Cakes

How has been the journey so far for you?

I am happy and thank whole heartedly my patrons for their repetitive response with fresh orders for my Cakes,  from day to day.

Meenakshi, narrate some of your success stories.

I have the pleasure of having executed certain bulk orders single-handedly like order for 450 numbers of designer cupcakes for a Corporate client and few others, including designer/theme Cakes for a large gathering on happy occasions of birthdays/anniversaries of good clients/individuals.

Did you experience any failure so far? What lessons did you learn from the failure(s)?

Yes, there were certain anxious moments on few occasions due to weather conditions, when I was not satisfied with the presentation of the final product/item. However, this was overcome immediately with a proper conditioned storage of final products for the complete satisfaction of my clients.

What are your plans to further scale up your baking business?

Presently, I propose to run the enterprise on a small turnover as I have to keep a balance for taking care of my family.

Your tips to those who want to start a baking business…

I wish all new entrants to Baking industry a glowing start and success in their efforts with proper training and hunger for perfection.

And one last question of this session Meenakshi, if you have had one wish…

Yes, I will want my Mia Torte Bakery to be recognised as a name synonym with delicious, tasty, gorgeous designer Cakes as per requirements and total satisfaction of my clients always.

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