Infinite Space: How Nagpur-based Parveen Tuli and Jyoti Kapoor is bringing a change in our busy lives with their Educational Games!

Nagpur-based Infinite Space has been doing a fantastic job in reviving the joyness, closeness and warmth in the relations. In this fast paced world, almost all of us remain so much busy that we hardly spent quality time with our loved ones. This slowly affects our relationships. Even small kids are overburdened with studies. And, in their free time, they remain engrossed playing on gadgets. Getting accustomed to newer technological innovations is always good, however, spending excessive time with gadgets often decreases a person’s patience, increases anger and frustration. Launched in 2015 by Parveen Tuli and Jyoti Kapoor, Infinite Space aims at solving these problems. This startup designs and develops fun loving educational games. The games can be played by persons of any ages. They are handy and hence can be carried anywhere.

Today, Parveen and Jyoti joins us in this session at conflatingVisions. They share with us their entrepreneurial journey, and tell us how their attempt is bringing a much needed change in our lives!

Hi Parveen and Jyoti, welcome to conflatingVisions. Please let us know a few things about you and your co-founder at Infinite Space.

Parveen: Hi, I am Parveen Tuli. I dawn different roles at different times, from a homemaker, consciousness and empowerment coach, director at Infinite Space, designing workshops, games etc. Playing with creative ideas is what I love to do.

Jyoti: Hi, I am Jyoti Kapoor – Founder Director at Infinite Space, a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and an Empowerment coach. I am also a Textile Designer. Creating different things gives me a lot of joy and freedom.


What was the motivation and objectives behind launching Infinite Space?

Parveen: In the journey of last 3 years of facilitating various classes with adults and kids, we got aware of certain areas of lack around us. We saw people in groups and as families having robotic lifestyles as if the core communication and joy was gone. This motivated us to create products that make everyone be present, play, bond and communicate.

Tell us about Infinite Space.

Jyoti: Infinite Space is all about creation. We design, develop and manufacture fun loving educational games. Our purpose is to bring back joy, closeness and warmth in the relations. These games help in reconnecting and re-bonding and also help in developing communication and creativity skills. The beauty of these games is that they can be played from 5 minutes to several hours, depending on the luxury of time one has.

What were the initial challenges that you had to overcome while launching Infinite Space?

Jyoti: As it’s a known fact that every new business faces some teething problems, we also faced some. We did a lot of market research and also did a lot of changes in the games to make them more fun loving. The challenge was also to add more value to these games, to the result of which each game can be played in 2 – 3 different variants. Our concept is well accepted and we are getting positive response and feedback from everywhere. Also, many institutions are approaching us to make customized games for them, which clearly tell us that the thought behind the creation of these games is liked and loved by the people around.

These days most kids play games on smartphones, tablets computers or any other gaming devices. Do they create any sort of challenge on the acceptance of your games and activities?

Jyoti: Today’s kids are techno-kids; they spend a lot of time on these gadgets. We are not against it; there are many positives of the technology also. But our aim is to make kids and parents aware of the excessive time spending on gadgets. Too much usage of gadgets is leading to many problems like lack of patience, anger, irritability, frustration, low social quotient etc.

With introducing these games to kids and families, we experienced immediate acceptance. Kids enjoyed more knowing about their families and friends while playing these games. They also became more aware of their own likes and dislikes, positives and negatives. They are also improving on their language skills with these games. So, yes, these games are well accepted by kids, parents and also by some good institutions.

In what ways are your products different from your competitors?

Parveen: The USP of our products is it can be played anytime, anywhere, whether you are travelling or in waiting rooms, kept at table tops, used as bedtime games, at picnics, kitties etc. They are easy to carry and have no specified time limits. It can be played from 5 minutes to several hours. It’s for all ages. Everyone enjoys it collectively.

How has been the journey so far for you?

Parveen: It’s been a beautiful experience. We have been learning, creating, growing and having more fun each day all at the same time. Being homemakers 3 years back, we started learning and exploring our talents. We now believe that everything is possible if you believe and start.

Please share the investment details.

Jyoti: Apart from monetary investment, we have invested a lot of time and skills into it. With every passing day we are learning something new, which is also our investment.

Narrate some of your success stories.

Parveen: When parents and kids come up and express gratitude for these games and classes, that’s success for us. These games are now well appreciated at family resorts, recreation centers, premium stores, online portals like Snapdeal and our own website. We got appreciated by renowned educationists and got featured in Hitwada.

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What are your present challenges? How do you plan to overcome them?

Jyoti: Challenge is to reach up to maximum number of people all over. We believe in the saying “experience sells”, so we make people play our games, have a firsthand experience with them and then purchase. And with this approach, we are getting a good response.

What are your future plans for growth?

Parveen: We love creating and will create everything that is fun and expansive, more games, creative workshops, consciousness and empowerment workshops etc. One thing we wish to create is indoor gaming centers at schools and work places.

Anything else you want to share?

Jyoti: Yes, we request parents and kids, in fact, we request each and everyone to be more present with themselves and their relations rather than being on gadgets all the time. Spending more quality time with each other will help one understand more about emotional vocabulary in general and also this change will bring in a lot more value into relations.

And one last question of the session, if you have had one wish…

Parveen: If we have had one wish it would be creating more fun and empowering games for ALL. Plus having indoor GAME CENTERS for schools and work spaces, cafeterias etc. to just Play, Communicate, Connect, Express, Unwind, Refresh and Grow.

As quoted by George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”


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