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Sand Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik, Sudarsan Pattnaik, Sand Artist, Sand Arts, Puri, Padmashree
Festivals are an integral part of the human race. Some of them are even as old as humanity. During the festivals, we visit the homes of our beloved ones to convey our wishes. We also take the advantage of the digital era to greet everyone during the festivals. These days we make use of phone calls, sms services, and social medias to convey our feelings and pass on our greetings […]

Sand Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik greets “Happy Diwali” in his own style once again!

Savji Dhanji Dholakia, Diwali Gifts, Diamond, Hari Krishna Exports, Surat, Diamond Manufacturing, Diamond Polishing, Flats, Cars, Jewelleries 1
A businessman from Surat did something amazing this Diwali. He gave away 400 flats, 1,260 cars and diamond jewelleries as Diwali gifts to his employees! Yes, you saw that right and the numbers are also correct. Savji Dhanji Dholakia, the billionaire businessman spent as much as Rs. 51 crores on Diwali bonuses for the employees of his company, Hari Krishna Exports. Even in an earlier year’s Diwali, the company gifted 491 […]

1260 Cars and 400 Flats as Diwali Gifts for employees of Hari Krishna Exports – Amazing Story of Surat-based businessman Savji Dhanji Dholakia

Cakestronomique, Home Baker, Cakes, Thrissur, Thasni Mariyam Wahid, Customized Cakes, Embryologist
It’s always tough to pursue another profession alongside an existing profession. However, if you have the will and the love for something that you eagerly want to pursue, then, situations become quite easy. Thasni Mariyam Wahid is one such person who is involved in multiple roles in her life. And, in every role, she has embraced significant success. Thasni is an Embryologist by profession and works at ARMC IVF Thrissur as […]

Thasni Mariyam Wahid’s Inspiring Journey as a Cake Artist – The Story behind Thrissur-based home bakery Cakestronomique!

TryMyTutor, Tutoring Company, Marketplace of Home Tutors, Home Tutors, Delhi NCR, Home Tutoring, Tutoring Industry, Education Startup, Education System in India, Sundeep Singh, Somvir Yadav, Mujahid Khan
Education plays a very important role in shaping our futures. A good teacher can do real wonders in a student’s life. But, finding that ideal teacher is a real tough task. This is exactly where Delhi NCR-based education startup TryMyTutor fits in. Launched in January 2013 by Sundeep Singh, TryMyTutor caters to the home tutor needs of students in and around Delhi NCR. It is a marketplace of home tutors […]

How Delhi NCR-based TryMyTutor aims at bringing a change in the Tutoring Industry of India – Sundeep Singh, the Founder and CEO of the Education Startup shares their story!

Reliance Jio, Jio, Jio sim, 4G internet speed, Jio Barcode, Reliance Jio Barcodes
Reliance Jio had an attractive official launch on September 01, 2016. The launch ceremony was adorned with the presence of several Indian celebrities from different fields. While the entire country was expecting something huge from the company, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) didn’t disappoint his fellow Indians. In RIL’s 42nd Annual General Meeting in Mumbai, Ambani made some interesting disclosures aimed at disrupting the country’s telecom market. The […]

Growing concerns for Reliance Jio – 4G Internet speed declines; Reliance Jio barcodes are being redeemed illegally for issuing Jio sims!

Prem Thakur, Buggy Car from Scratch, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kharghar, Car Built from Scratch, YouTube DIY Videos 1
YouTube is a great place to learn something. While YouTube videos can enlighten us on almost any topic, only a small percentage of YouTube users apply the knowledge to create something beneficial. Prem Thakur falls in the category of such persons. Prem is only 19-year-old. But the feat that this young boy from Navi Mumbai has achieved would leave many established engineers behind him in terms of accomplishments. Prem Thakur […]

This 19-year-old Mumbai boy built a Car from Scratch and YouTube Videos was his only Teacher – Prem Thakur’s Inspiring Story!

Shagufta Mehdi, Painting, Artist, Mural Artist, Nagpur
Shagufta Mehdi’s association with painting started when she was still a child. Her father always remained a big support for her and also played a big role in shaping her career as a successful painter and a mural artist. He was the person who introduced young Shagufta into the beautiful world of painting. Shagufta Mehdi believes that God sends us all in this world with some natural talents. And, for […]

Painting is the only thing that stuck with me and retained my interest – Shagufta Mehdi

Miraacles on Cakes by Anna, Gigi's Cakes, Anna Joseph, Baking, Home Baker, Kochi, Cakes, Designer Cakes, Artistic Cakes, Themed Cakes, Customized Cake, Talented Bakers, Baker, Kochi
Anna Joseph had a secured and an established career in the corporate sector. She worked in the Human Resources department of a company in New York. However, after she gave birth to her 2nd son, the equation changed. The responsibility towards her family increased. She had to quit her job to spend more time with her kids. The strong desire to remain and continue being a self-dependent woman was something […]

Adding Miracles on Cakes – Anna Joseph, a home baker from Kochi is actually making this possible! The story behind Miracles on Cakes by Anna

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To start a business, the first thing which you need to do is identify your areas of interest. It is always advisable to do something in a field in which you are proficient. This will give you the confidence to put in more efforts smartly! A home based business always enjoy a higher survival rate compared to a full-fledged business startup. It also helps an entrepreneur to identify the gaps and […]

Home Based Business Ideas that require little or no investment costs to start

Mia Torte Bakery, Hyderabad, Meenakshi Sareen, Baking, Baking Business, Cakes, Theme Cakes, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Truffle, Designer Cakes
Mia Torte Bakery, a baking venture based in Hyderabad started its journey in the year 2014. The founder of this venture is Meenakshi Sareen who executes all the roles of her baking business. Apart from being a talented cake artist, Meenakshi is also an extremely confident lady who always love to chase her dreams. And, this led to the birth of Mia Torte Bakery. At Mia Torte Bakery, the cake […]

In conversation with Cake Artist Meenakshi Sareen, the founder of Hyderabad-based Mia Torte Bakery

Sanjeev Kapoor, Urvi'sAngelic Bakes, Goa, Ashwini Kamat Tendulkar, Baking, Home Baking, Baking Business, Cakes, Cake, Bakes
How long can passion take you? For Ashwini Kamat Tendulkar, a homemaker from Goa, it made her a proud entrepreneur. She is the face, the creative cake artist and the chief home baker behind the Goa-based home baking venture Urvi’s Angelic Bakes. At Urvi’s Angelic Bakes, cake lovers can place their orders for tasty and healthy customized cakes. You give Ashwini the idea and she will transform it into reality! And, […]

Urvi’s Angelic Bakes: The story of Goa-based home baker Ashwini Kamat Tendulkar

Parveen Tuli, Jyoti Kapoor, Infinite Space, Games, Educational Games, Nagpur, Bonding
Nagpur-based Infinite Space has been doing a fantastic job in reviving the joyness, closeness and warmth in the relations. In this fast paced world, almost all of us remain so much busy that we hardly spent quality time with our loved ones. This slowly affects our relationships. Even small kids are overburdened with studies. And, in their free time, they remain engrossed playing on gadgets. Getting accustomed to newer technological […]

Infinite Space: How Nagpur-based Parveen Tuli and Jyoti Kapoor is bringing a change in our busy lives with their Educational Games!