The journey from 84 kg to 52 kg for Yaggyaseni Mittra who earlier had to undergo ACL surgery on both her legs!

Overweight and obesity is a major problem in this fast paced world. Because of our professional and personal commitments, most of us tend to remain busy the entire day. As we get more busy, we keep on relying more on fast foods with either little or no exercise. This, in turn, increases our weights and in many cases make us obese. Excess weights greatly raise the risks of developing different health related complications. Today, we are sharing the story of Yaggyaseni Mittra who had to undergo Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery on both her legs because of being obese. Doctors advised her to loose weight to reduce the stress on her knees. The lady is no longer obese now and the way she reduced 30 kgs in a year is truly remarkable. Those who want to lose weight can draw some real inspiration from Yaggyaseni’s story!

The journey from 84 kg to 52 kg for Yaggyaseni Mittra

Yaggyaseni Mittra was a happy-go-lucky girl in college who never cared about what she was eating and how friends and relatives ridiculed her for being obese. Being from Kolkata, high-calorie foods such as Biriyani, Fuchka, Rolls and junk foods were her favorites. She also possessed a strong sweet tooth (which she still retains). Little did she know that her unmonitored eating habits will take her weight to 84 kilograms, which will eventually prove to be a cause for concern.

Then tragedy struck, not once but twice. In late 2010, while travelling home she struck her left foot in the seat of a bus and this led to a full tear in the anterior cruciate ligament accompanied by an internal hemorrhage of all the blood vessels in the knee. A surgery was carried out in December and Yaggyaseni started limping back to normal life. If this was not enough, she had an ACL surgery carried out on her right leg as well just two years later.

Now, with both legs carrying artificial ligaments and her weight hovering at 84 kilograms, Yaggyaseni needed to lose weight in order to reduce the stress on her knees. The road to fitness began in December 2013. Yaggyaseni followed a strict exercise regime, diet, and even ate salads as compared to her favorite Biriyani when going out for meals.

Yaggyaseni Mittra is now a Zumba instructor

This dedication eventually bore fruit as she managed to bring down her weight to just 52 kilograms in January 2015, achieving a reduction of over 30 kilograms in just over a year.

Yaggyaseni Mittra, Lose Weight, Zumba Instructor

But that was not the end of the journey. Yaggyaseni decided to take her passion for fitness further and became a Zumba instructor in January 2016.

Yaggyaseni Mittra, Lose Weight, Zumba Instructor

Yaggyaseni Mittra, Lose Weight, Zumba Instructor

Since then, she has performed at a number of stages, even making it to Zoom TV as a part of a Zumba masterclass in Mumbai and performing on the stage at the Pune International Dance Congress. More importantly, Yaggyaseni is now focused on spreading her mission to bring her ideology of being fit to the lives of people from all walks of life.

Pain and determination have made her achieve the target which she never thought would be possible. She is one of the most decorated Zumba instructors in the city of Indore specializing in Zumba kids and Zumba toning, and is also a certified AED CPR fitness trainer from the Fitness and Sports Sciences Association.

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