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With Treasures of Innocence’s “Catch them YOUNG” initiative education becomes fun and more enjoyable. Manaska Mukhopadhyay who is an integral part of Team conflatingVisions shares with us how this NGO in Kolkata is achieving their goals. Incidentally, Manaska is also an important member of Treasures of Innocence.

“Learning gives creativity

Creativity leads to thinking

Thinking provides knowledge

Knowledge makes you great.”

― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Sir has always stressed upon the importance of thinking and creativity in the learning process of a child. Following his words, Treasures of Innocence, an NGO in Kolkata has been tirelessly working in the field of education for the last couple of years and has been able to touch thousands of the so called needy children’s life by helping them in education and creative learning. An Educated Mind ignites a thought process that leads to a revolution. Keeping in mind this holistic approach towards education, Treasures of Innocence has recently taken up an initiative “Catch them YOUNG” to identify and encourage young talents through a set of quiz and creative art programs.

Catch them Young, Treasures of Innocence, NGO in Kolkata

Catch them YOUNG – An initiative of an NGO in Kolkata

Catch them YOUNG aims to create a talent pool and tries to bridge the gap between children from different strata of society by creating a level equalizer ground where minds meet and ideas blossom. With schools like Nabajatak Visyabhaban For Girls, Cossipore Institution for Boys, Kasba Modern Institution for Girls, Kailash Vidyamandir and some others – the program has already been run in different schools, and discussions are under process with another 5 schools, where, majority of the students are from challenging backgrounds.

Catch them YOUNG mainly focuses on school students ranging from class V to class VIII. We believe this is the best time to identify and breed young talents. Of the two parts that the program constitute, the 1st part is the extensive quiz contest which will be conducted via written test in the preliminary level. On the other hand, the other part of the program comprises of creative folk and traditional art session on different art forms from India, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Vietnam, etc. Students are given extensive knowledge about the art form, its birthplace, its importance and also make them create the artworks on their own under the able guidance of ToI volunteers.

Catch them Young, Treasures of Innocence, NGO in Kolkata

Catch them Young, Treasures of Innocence, NGO in Kolkata

Learning becomes Fun and an Enjoyable Experience with Treasures of Innocence

Along with assessing knowledge level of the students, this initiative boosts the confidence factor – “I Can!” It extends the boundary of cognizance and gives a joyful learning experience to the children that keeps an everlasting impression in these young minds – a day with hope, happiness and self-discovery. Something to remember, something to feel proud of.

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Catch them Young, Treasures of Innocence, NGO in Kolkata

Catch them Young, Treasures of Innocence, NGO in Kolkata

Catch them Young, Treasures of Innocence, NGO in Kolkata

Bigger Plans to achieve Larger Goals

We are thinking of further plans to make this event a mega one, in the form of a one-day event cum workshop program for all the winners of the preliminary rounds and hosting an exhibition of the artworks that will be created in the process. But for making this possible, we earnestly need your help, both financially or through voluntary participation. We believe this program will largely be successful and beneficial if individuals and institutions come forward with generous funding and sponsorship for mega level quiz and art exhibition arrangements to help create a brighter future for the students.

For any type of help, the contact details are given herewith.

Contact Details: Rani Bhowani



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