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Yaggyaseni Mittra, Lose Weight, Zumba Instructor
Overweight and obesity is a major problem in this fast paced world. Because of our professional and personal commitments, most of us tend to remain busy the entire day. As we get more busy, we keep on relying more on fast foods with either little or no exercise. This, in turn, increases our weights and in many cases make us obese. Excess weights greatly raise the risks of developing different […]

The journey from 84 kg to 52 kg for Yaggyaseni Mittra who earlier had to undergo ACL surgery on both her legs!

Handmade Jewelleries, Handcrafted Jewelleries, Kalakari Boutique, Malini Sen, Asansol
Handmade jewelleries have its own beauty. And, when they are unique the beauty further increases a few times. Every jewellery designer has an intimate relationship with each design that they create. Malini Sen is one such person who loves to express her imaginations through her creative handmade jewelleries. She designs them with paper, beads and clay. Malini hails from Asansol, West Bengal. Before starting Kalakari Boutique, her own brand of […]

Asansol-based Malini Sen left her teaching career to start her own brand of Handmade Jewelleries – Kalakari Boutique