In conversation with Shikha Pakhide (shikhashikz), author of Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen

Since childhood, Shikha Pakhide (shikhashikz) had an aspiration to become an author. She turned 36 this year and thought it to be the right time to pen down her first book. A few days back her dream came true when she published Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen, her first book which has a collection of flash stories.
Today, in this session, we have the author with us to share her story!
Hi Shikha, welcome to conflatingVisions. To start with we would like to know a few lines about you.
Thank you ConflatingVisions Team. In 140 characters, I love to Create the Zing factor in Marketing; Books are my Best Friend; Tea is my favourite beverage and Travelling to places is my hobby, and I am a story teller.
Shikha Pakhide, Author, Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen, Flash Stories, Shikhashikz

Shikha, very recently you wrote a book Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen. Is this your first book?

Yes, this is my first book (which was in the making for the past ten years).
What was the inspiration?
It was a personal objective which I wanted to tick off before the desire to accomplish it wanes off.

Tell us about the book. What can readers expect from your book Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen?

I turned 36 this year (and I am not shy to reveal my age). Initial months of 2016 was when I decided that it’s high time that I put my personal goal into action, and I started working on this piece. When you are 18, you are free to take your decisions and venture into a new horizon. Probably for me, the second innings of 18 enabled me to work on my dream project.
That’s how this title came into being and the flash stories!
Pure reading pleasure and a stress buster.
Shikha Pakhide, Author, Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen, Flash Stories, Shikhashikz
What was your reaction when you received the first copy of the book?
My reaction was similar to when I first saw my baby. I was a little sceptical on how it will look in print. I was not disappointed after receiving the copy.
From writing to publishing, it is a relatively long and quite challenging process. You must have had many experiences while authoring the book. Please share some of your experiences.
The most important thing was to fix a date to publish the book. I worked backwards in calculating how many words I should write every day. It’s little hard to discipline yourself! Writing is easy, and editing is the toughest job. I also wanted to self-publish the book and did my research to pick the tool. In the end, I preferred CreateSpace as I was working on a tight budget. Grammarly is another tool which was of great help to check the grammar and other nuances of writing. I am happy that I went the self-publish way for the first book as I am equipped better with learnings for the second book.
Shikha, you must have received many reviews on your recent book. Please share a few of them with us.
Yes, my friends who have read it mentioned it’s like a plain jane’s story. Easy to read and relate to without using big pompous words. You will also find the review on Amazon’s site.
What next?
There are two more writing concepts in the pipeline. I will share more details towards the launch date.

What kind of books do you love to read? Who is your favourite author and why?

I like to read books which transport me to a different world of fiction. I am a big fan of Hogwarts, romantic and light-hearted stories. My personal favourite author is Sophie Kinsella. I love reading all the series from confessions of a shopaholic.
How much will you rate yourself on a scale of 10 as an author?
I will rate myself as 6. Define 36 is just a beginning and my first learning experience. I would like to evolve as a writer and bring entertaining stories for the readers.
Anything else you want to share with us…
No dream is small. If you want to do something, go ahead and do it. You will save yourself from regretting it later.
And Shikha, one last question of this session, if you have had one wish…
If I had one wish and allowed to go back in the time, I would like to have released my first book much earlier.

You can purchase Shikha Pakhide’s Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen from the link below.

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