World’s Youngest Chartered Accountant at the age of 18! The inspiring journey of CA Ramkumar Raman

Chartered Accountancy course is difficult because the syllabus is quite vast. To enrol for Chartered Accountancy is easy, but, the real challenge lies in passing the exams. For 18-year-old Ramkumar Raman, the challenge seemed quite small. In his first attempt, he successfully cleared all the 14 papers of the course. This feat also made him the youngest Chartered Accountant of the world!

Ramkumar Raman started preparing for CA when he was only 15!

Raman presently resides in Dubai. He belongs to a family in Chennai where most of the members are Chartered Accountants. Following the footsteps of his family members, Raman too wanted to strengthen his knowledge in Finance and Accounting. This motivated him to enrol for the CA course. Surprisingly, he was only 15 when he decided to write the CA exams. In September 2012, he started his coaching for the examinations. And, in June 2015 while most of his friends were enrolling themselves in degree courses, Raman was then writing the final paper of CA.

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Becoming the world’s Youngest Chartered Accountant

When the results came out, he found himself successful. The young boy was himself surprised with the results as he never expected to clear all the papers on a single go! To add another surprise to the list, Raman after a few days got to know that he was also the world’s youngest Chartered Accountant.

Ramkumar Raman, Youngest Chartered Accountant, India, Chartered Accountancy CA

In an interview with Khaleej Times, while telling about his study routine Raman said, “I would have lunch and sleep till 4 PM and get up again and start studying again from 4:30 PM till 8:15 PM again with breaks after which I’d have dinner and study again from 9 PM till 12 PM. Then I’d go to sleep”, he told in an interview with Khaleej Times when asked about his study routine.

A former student of The Indian High School, Dubai, Raman is now recognised as the youngest chartered accountant in the world by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the global professional accounting body in the Gulf.

In spite of all the success which he has achieved, Raman considers himself as an average student.

“As far as my earlier previous exams are concerned, I don’t think I performed that well. When it comes to marks, I scored 8.6 CGPA in grade 10 and an 87 percent in my 12th exams.”

Future Plans

Ramkumar Raman now aims to make a career in investment banking. He wants to obtain an MBA degree from a reputed University in the United States to fulfill his dreams.

The success which Raman has achieved once again proves that hard work always pays. Preparing for the CA exams alongside school and college studies was a real tough task. This young boy did that quite easily!

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Photographs: Ramkumar Raman’s Facebook

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