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Bhavook Tripathi, Investing Smartly, Investment, Investor 2
Bhavook Tripathi is perhaps among the youngest Indian investors to have entered the billionaire club. But, the strange thing is that most of us are probably not aware with this name. He is a person who made a fortune out of stock market by investing smartly. When we discuss about several stories related to the Indian stock markets the names that automatically comes up are Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani, Basant […]

How a less known Indian investor made Millions by investing smartly in Shares! Bhavook Tripathi’s story

Shikha Pakhide, Author, Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen, Flash Stories, Shikhashikz
Since childhood, Shikha Pakhide (shikhashikz) had an aspiration to become an author. She turned 36 this year and thought it to be the right time to pen down her first book. A few days back her dream came true when she published Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen, her first book which has a collection of flash stories. Today, in this session, we have the author with us to share her […]

In conversation with Shikha Pakhide (shikhashikz), author of Define Thirty-Six: Twice of Eighteen