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Education has immense power. It helps us in our movement from darkness to light. With a similar mission, Santhosh S.V., an engineer by profession started Spoorthi Foundation in April 2012. He was soon joined by a few other like-minded engineers who wanted to do something in the field of education. Presently, the team has grown even bigger and consists of professionals from different backgrounds such as Engineering, Research and, Speech, and Hearing. They impart knowledge sharing sessions at several Government run schools, conduct Awareness Camps on Girls’ Health, Cleanliness, etc. Each of the members of Spoorthi shares a great bonding with each other. They are actively involved in performing various tasks of the organization. They include planning and leading the activities, managing the volunteers, handling the expenditures, reaching out to the public through social media, etc. Although all the team members are employed in different organizations, they still efficiently manage the organizational activities of Spoorthi Foundation.

“When we started SPOORTHI, we were a bunch of engineering lads hoping to be the change we wanted to see. Every journey begins with small steps. We managed to conduct few sessions of computer basics and basics of English grammar in the first year. We had limited resources, limited number of volunteers, and limited amount of time. But, we had something that kept us marching forward, BELIEF! We wanted to inspire others to take a step and make them to think of doing their little for the country. With that hope, we kept working,” says Santhosh.

Spoorthi Foundation, Education, Mysuru, NGO

Spoorthi was created with a mission to educate the young minds of the country

In India, there are plenty of students from Government schools who are highly motivated and dedicated but aren’t getting sufficient information to update their knowledge due to lack of faculties or sources offered. As a consequence, it disables them to compete with the outside world and further leads to negative impact on their lives. This is a serious issue which triggered the thought of launching some kind of service that would educate the young minds of the country. Soon, the thoughts were transformed into actions and Spoorthi Foundation was born.

Managing the Operational Costs

Being a registered NGO, Spoorthi is permitted to receive donations from the interested donors. Individual contributions from the team members and their colleagues at their workplaces play a significant role in the smooth running of several organizational activities. To maintain the NGO’s transparency, the team requests its donors to purchase things from them instead of offering monetary donations. Few years back, they conducted a fund raising activity wherein fame photographer, Mrs. Aditi Dinakar displayed her photographs at Kalamandira, Mysuru. The accumulated funds are being used to meet the expenditures of the organization. The outflows for the various activities include payment of academic fees, providing stationeries and for campaigns.

Spoorthi Foundation, Education, NGO, Mysore, Mysuru

Different Value Addition Activities of Spoorthi Foundation

“Teach & Learn is one of our ambitious program which focuses on creating strong foundational basics for high school students. When we started this program, we weren’t sure how this would work out. We stuck to our plan, tweaked a little whenever needed. Finally, when 10th-grade results were out, students were very happy and confident about their future. This program was never about marks. It was about making students confident. The first batch still calls us for guidance. This, in my opinion, is a success. We wanted to create good bonding with students and be with them till they graduate. And we did it.”

Spoorthi Foundation, Education, NGO, Mysore, Mysuru, Teach and Learn

The organization so far has conducted several activities. All of them remained successful since they were able to meet the desired goals.

Samvaad: It is an initiative of Spoorthi Foundation in its efforts to provide quality education to the students of Government schools using Internet Technology as a tool.

Spoorthi Foundation, Education, NGO, Mysore, Mysuru

Swachh Vidyalay: On 2nd October 2014, Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi launched “Swachh Bharath Abhiyan” to make our country a clean nation. On the lines of the same vision, Spoorthi initiated a new program “Swachh Vidyalay”, which aims to create awareness about cleanliness among the children who represent the future India.

Spoorthi Foundation, Education, NGO, Mysore, Mysuru

Suraksha: Suraksha is an initiative of Spoorthi foundation to focus on creating awareness and educating girls & parents on the importance of following hygienic methods through individual counseling sessions. Spoorthi Foundation has Doctors (gynaecologists) on board who helps with timely & repetitive counselling-sessions for parents (on how to deal with children in the adolescent ages & react wisely to their changing behaviour due to hormonal-changes) & girls, through which the team hopes to see a positive impact.

“We are waking up! Speaking out! We are set out to make a difference!”

Spoorthi Foundation, Education, NGO, Mysore, Mysuru

Joy of Teaching Week: More than 100 volunteers from various colleges and organizations participated in the event and shared their knowledge with the children. Topics varied from computers to science, cleanliness to crafts, hearing problems and their solutions, etc.

Spoorthi Foundation, Education, NGO, Mysore, Mysuru

Visit to Infosys as part of Educational Trip

Spoorthi Foundation, Education, NGO, Mysore, Mysuru


While telling us about the challenges, Santhosh revealed, “One of the biggest challenges is the support from the school faculty. Some of the schools have faculty aged over 50 and the rapport between students is too bad. It reflects on the interacting skills of the students. Either they hesitate to talk to us (which they are not used to) or don’t talk to us at all. This makes us to spend too much time in making them comfortable which affects our plans. Sometimes the faculties tend to lose the interest they had in the beginning. And they don’t follow up on our inputs. So overall, children even though understand what we taught them tend to forget due to the negligence of the faculty.”

“One of the steps we took is to include Government in the scheme of things (Block Education Officer in our case). As it is already known, Government lacks the willingness to support youngsters. Somehow we convinced officials to support us,” added Santhosh.

Plans ahead

The activities of Spoorthi Foundation is presently restricted to Mysuru City. Plans are there to reach out effectively to other schools outside Mysuru. The team members also have plans to get in touch with successful and motivational speakers who would interact with the students and shed light on how they overcame the hardships during their journey. Furthermore, they want to start a school where free education focussing on the overall development of kids from Class 1 to 5 can be provided. The reason behind this thought is India’s elementary education is in a mess.

Spoorthi Foundation offers volunteering as well as internship placements. There are various activities conducted throughout the year such as ‘Teach and Learn’, ‘Swachh Vidyalay, ‘Samvaad’ and ‘Suraksha’.

“We want people to make use of these fantastic opportunities and lend their hands towards a better nation. We have also collaborated with other NGOs such as Project Reachout and Audiology India to conduct social events. Mysore Online and Infopine are the media partners.”

“We want every student to be a responsible citizen of the country. We believe that youths need to fight for a social cause and try their best to do something for the great nation.”

Present team members of Spoorthi Foundation are: Akash Honnappa, Anvitha Anand, Deepthi Mahadeva, Divya V Ram, Madhuri Bhat, Pooja Shivakumar, Radhika Subramanya, Sachin Somanahalli, Sahana and Sandeep.



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