At the age of 4, Shayan Jamal is all set to play for his U-12 School Team! 1

India is home to a huge number of talents. And, when it comes to cricket, almost every Indian street has a cricketing talent. Take the example of 4-year-old Shayan Jamal who made it to his school’s U-12 team! You must be doubting the authenticity of what we said just now. Even we were quite surprised when we heard about Shayan’s selection. After few enquiries, we found it to be true.

Shayan Jamal has been playing cricket for the past one year and his progress in the game is phenomenal!

Shayan Jamal is a KG student of Hamdard Public School, Delhi. While other kids of his age struggle to hold the plastic bats properly, he plays quite easily with a heavy wooden bat. His stance in front of the stumps is remarkable. All type of cricketing shots which Shayan plays are real treat to the eyes. At this age, he knows very well which ball to play and which one to leave. He has also developed a strong forward defence. Shayan Jamal is truly a wonder kid.

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Shayan’s interest in cricket developed mainly because of his father Arshad Jamal, who himself is a former club cricketer and was a medium pacer during his days. Right from age 1, Shayan would remain engrossed in the TV set whenever a cricket match was on. Arshad noticed this and started encouraging him to play cricket. To ensure that his son receives proper guidance, Arshad admitted him at a reputed cricket academy.

Arshad says, “Shayan’s cricketing sense is strong and he is hungry to play cricket. If I give him a break for a day or two, he begins to pester me, asking me ‘why aren’t we going to the nets!’ His game is natural. I am just trying to mould him. My family and friends think I am wasting my time on Shayan. But, I feel God has sent him with an exceptional talent. I can’t do injustice to him. I am confident God will show the way.”

Shayan Jamal dreams of playing for India one day

At such a young age, the wonder kid has developed the hunger to play for the Indian cricket team one day. He has fixed his aim. He idolizes India’s Test captain Virat Kohli whom he considers the best batsman in the world because he scores centuries quite regularly. Shayan Jamal is also working hard to play like him.

It’s too early to predict whether Shayan would play for India some day or not. However, if he continues to maintain this determination level then nothing can stop him to play for his country!

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