This Home Baker from Hyderabad plans to open a Finishing School for Cake Decoration: The story of La Petite Meringue’s Radha Dhaka

Radha Dhaka is a home baker who specializes in cake decoration. She has been baking for more than 25 years now. And, every time she baked a product, she received appreciation from her friends and family members. The positive reviews motivated her to take up baking as her profession. In 2014, she started her journey as a professional home baker and launched her home baking venture La Petite Meringue in Hyderabad, India. Radha is also a sculptor and she creates beautiful artworks in bronze and brass. Her creativity also reflects in all her freshly baked delicacies.

Radha aspires to open a finishing school for cake decoration.

She has many more dreams. Today, in this session of conflatingVisions, Radha Dhaka is here with us to tell her story.

Hi Radha, welcome to our platform conflatingVisions. Would request you to introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, thanks for having me on your platform. I’m Radha Dhaka. I’m a home baker, Owner and cake artist at La Petite Meringue. I make custom and sculpted cakes and speciality desserts.

Radha Dhaka, Cake Decoration, La Petite Meringue, Baking

When did the idea that baking can be taken as a profession came to your mind?

Even though I have been baking for family and friends for more than 25 years it never occurred to me to go commercial. On the constant insistence of my family and friends, I finally took the plunge and I’m really happy with the response I’ve received. ¬†As I am also a sculptor creating art in bronze and brass, cake decoration has given me one more medium to create art in.

But more importantly, I have always strived to give my family freshly baked goods using all fresh ingredients and seasonal fruit and without preservatives or artificial and unhealthy ingredients like shortening and margarine and that has always been what has made my cakes stand apart. That is what I strive to give to my clients as well. Everything I bake is made from scratch using no premixes. So I give the quality of a fancy bakery but with homemade goodness.

Please tell us about your baking venture La Petite Meringue. What does the name mean?

La Petite Meringue is a home based business specialising in customised and couture cakes and speciality desserts. All the products are freshly made only after the order is placed.

Petite meringues are small, delicious and delicate looking Sugar cookies which are a part of ¬†French patisserie. As I’m also a French language enthusiast and a French professor, I named my venture after them.

What are your signature items?

I make all baked goodies including cakes, cookies, macarons, madeleines and different kinds of brownies. But customised theme cakes are what I enjoy doing most.

Radha Dhaka, Cake Decoration, La Petite Meringue, Baking

How big is your current team?

I’m a one-woman team. From baking to client consultations, from cake decoration to sourcing supplies, I handle everything on my own.

How do you promote your baking business?

Till now my business has grown entirely by word of mouth and referrals by clients.

Share some of your success stories.

Within a short span of less than 2 years, I have single-handedly grown my business to a very comfortable level and it has given me an opportunity to create and express myself. Much appreciation has come for my work from my peers in the baking industry. One of my creations was also featured in Sugar Magazine, India’s first online magazine dedicated to cakes.

Radha, we know that ideas are most important for a business to sustain. How do you keep your ideas refreshing?

My creations are constantly evolving and I’m incorporating new techniques and designs whether in baking or cake decorating. And as long as we celebrate special moments in our lives, cakes will never go out of fashion.

Radha Dhaka, Cake Decoration, La Petite Meringue, Baking

Radha Dhaka, Cake Decoration, La Petite Meringue, Baking

What are your plans for growth?

I have started taking baking and cake decoration classes for beginners and homemakers who want to give their family or clients homemade goodness. In the future, I also plan to open a studio for teaching advanced figurine sculpting, wedding cakes decoration and the latest techniques in the world of cakes, a kind of a finishing school for cake decoration.

Anything else you want to share with us…

When it comes to baked goods I urge everyone to be aware of what they are eating and educate themselves about the things that go into making them and make an informed choice.

And, one last question of this session, if you have had one wish…

It is to never stop learning as it is the one thing that keeps us relevant at all times.

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