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Change is often disturbing when it impact us. Adapting to the change is also necessary to sustain in this competitive market. In today’s fast paced world of constant change and pressure for responsiveness, we often don’t have enough time outside our professional window. We have become busy these days. A large number of companies is making use of this situation to establish their business models. With a few clicks or taps, we can get our desired products delivered at our homes. It’s now not necessary to visit a store physically to procure the items we need. E-commerce websites are playing a huge role these days. We often look out for services which would give some relief in our busy lives. With this objective, Motofix started its journey this year.

Founded by Bharath Bopparaju, this startup provides quality bike servicing right at your doorsteps. They are presently offering their services in the Indian city of Hyderabad. Motofix aims at solving automobile woes of riders. It connects service providers with the riders through their application platform.

The core team behind Motofix

Bharath Bopparaju is the Founder and CEO of Motofix. After completing BE in Computer Science from Nagpur University, he joined his family business. He has been working as Trade and Supply Chain Partners with few top automobile brands for the past 6 years. He also underwent several business management trainings to fine tune his entrepreneurial skills. He has successfully managed a Rs. 250 Crs. turnover business spread across multiple locations with over 500 employees. Tarun Agarwal is another important team member of Motofix. He holds the COO portfolio of this young startup. Tarun is a B.Tech in Computer Science from JNTU, Hyderabad. During his professional career he has worked for MNCs like HSBC and Dell. He also piloted Canada’s SOHO Division. Tarun also worked as Head-Operations and Business Development for a period of 2 years.

Bharath Bopparaju, Motofix, Hyderabad

Tarun Agarwal, Motofix, Hyderabad

Identifying a major problem in the automobile service sector

Having spent a significant amount of time in the automobile sector, Bharath was well aware of the problems which customers and technicians face regularly. Vehicle servicing for us is often burdensome and brings a lot of worries. Bharath identified this as a major problem.

“We have all been victims to bad vehicle servicing, overcharging, usage of non-genuine spares, etc. These kind of vehicle owners who underwent a bad service experience were the cause of our motivation for creating such a platform. We just decided that we want to redefine vehicle servicing from cumbersome process to being a hassle free process.”

Solving the problem with Motofix

The opportunity pushed Bharath forward to explore this area. With an objective of providing hassle free vehicle maintenance and repair solutions to vehicle owners, he founded Motofix. His vision was to provide a platform which will empower the customers to make informed decisions during a vehicle service whilst also providing convenient and affordable vehicle maintenance options. The business is relatively new and is still self-funded. It managed to broke even in quick time and is at early revenue stage. Motofix is now looking for suitable investors which would empower them to carry their mission forward.

Competing with the authorised service centres

Competition in any field is always necessary because it leads to the foundation of a better service or product. For Motofix, the authorised service centres of vehicles is always a challenge.

Bharath explains how their startup is different from his competitors.

“We are an IT Aggregator and connect the technicians and the customers. In comparison to an authorised service centre – while we also ensure that the quality of service provided by the partners listed on the platform is great, we do it at more affordable rates and at a customer’s convenience. We are also offering Service at Doorstep facility and Free PickUp and Drop facilities which adds to a customer’s convenience as they don’t have to visit the workshop and wait there for long hours on a weekend. Apart from booking an appointment in 4 easy steps, our app is going to have other features such as vehicle service history, service reminders, etc., which will come in handy for a vehicle owner.”

Motofix, bike service, Hyderabad

Challenges have always remained an integral part of the entire journey

The journey so far for Motofix had its share of ups and downs. The team knows that this is just the early days and they are ready to overcome all the challenges which come their way. Quite often they have to make changes in their model to make it work efficiently. The encouraging words from the customers and technicians motivate them to keep moving forward.

“The most challenging part of the journey was to actually make people believe that we could do what we are talking, that we could deliver. Being a new brand and coming up with first of its kind service offerings, it is never easy to gain anyone’s trust  – let it be customers, technicians, employee recruiting etc. Highlighting our core team’s competencies, listening to customers more often and readjusting our models and most importantly, the customers that we have been receiving through word of mouth and through social media marketing have given us the strength to overcome the challenges.”

Building a successful and returning customer base for Motofix

The success of every company depends largely on its customers. Hence, gaining confidence from the customers is necessary to build a successful and returning customer base. For Motofix, face to face marketing works the best. They also promote their services on several social media platforms.

Telling us about creating a successful customer base, Bharath reveals, “The thing that has been working with us is simple plain face to face marketing. We have been doing a lot of BTL activities apart from social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. We have been standing at busy places in different localities explaining and promoting our product and generating appointments. The other thing which we are doing is to ensure that these customers have a great experience which is enhancing our word of mouth marketing and getting us more customers.”

We asked Bharath whether they have partnered with any insurance company which would give them immediate scalability, he replied saying, “As of now, there are no such tie-ups as we are ourselves at an early stage in the business. At the moment, we want the customers to identify with us as a convenient option for vehicle servicing and repairs. However, we do have plans to tie-up with other stakeholders of the auto ecosystem at a later date when we have enough customers and technicians using the platform consistently. As of now, we want to focus on our core offerings and on providing world class service experience to a customer.”

Plans ahead

Motofix is presently catering to the two wheeler segment of Hyderabad. They have plans to expand into the car segment and offer their services in different places of India. The team hopes to receive everyone’s continued encouragement in the future as they are receiving now. This would act as a moral support in the making of a more successful product that would positively affect millions of people. If everything goes well, the vision of Motofix would soon become a complete reality!


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