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ZingoHub was incorporated in March 2014 by Haider Aly – Reza and Sayantan Das. It offers a first of its kind crowdfunding platform that combines the functionality of commerce. ZingoHub is a place for brands, creators, and innovators to showcase their ideas and products to a larger audience.

“So, if you are doing something awesome out there, like the first gig for your college band or hosting your first art gallery show, we are game to help you ideate and share it with people around the world.”

The crowdfunding platform concept of ZingoHub

The concept evolved as Haider Ali-Reza and Sayantan Das wanted to build identities around the countless number of amazing brands, creators and innovators in this world. A model where a social marketplace rewards-based crowdfunding and e-commerce platform existed in harmony seemed like a perfect potion to dissolve barriers and give rise to a world of amazing brands, products and ideas.

ZingoHub crowdfunding and ecommerce platform

The journey so far

The journey so far for ZingoHub is quite successful and this is something which keeps the entire team motivated. So far, this crowdfunding platform has privately raised 6,00,000 USD. Recently, its operations expanded into Singapore and Dubai.

“Since we are a platform that promotes Brands, Creators & Innovators, our success essentially lies in their success. Please find some of our brand success stories given below:

Cooey: A smart body pressure device Cooey launched their first per-order on ZingoHub which remained quite successful.

ZingoHub crowdfunding and ecommerce platform

Nasser’s Crowdfunding campaign: Nasser is known for his famous Hip-Hop dance crew, they raised funds for their event Freeze 2016.

We also have Gomtesh Upadhaye’s project running on our platform live which has raised 1lac+ crossing their CF goal in just 48 hours!”

Challenges related to the crowdfunding concept

Crowdfunding is relatively a new concept in India. To make people aware of its concept, its potential and reach is the challenge which this startup is facing at present.

“We are more focused on reaching out to influencers and build a community around our projects & brands. Additionally, the focus is to extend support to students and members of the creative community.”

ZingoHub aims to be a global crowdfunding platform by the end of 2017. And, each and every member of Team ZingoHub is working tirelessly towards achieving this goal.


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