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How do you feel if somebody surprises you with a special gift? Let’s jumble up a few of these words and put them in another way. How do you feel when you surprise someone with a beautiful gift? Well, in both the sentences one thing is common, and that is the precious smile! This era of smartphones and tablets is both a boon and bane for all of us. It’s a boon because with the help of the social networking sites we can get in touch with peoples who stay far away from us. And, on the flip side, we also talk to others who reside in our vicinity through this medium. Social networks to a certain degree have replaced real-life relationships, and interacting face to face with our near and dear ones is just a formality these days for many of us. This is leading to the birth of loneliness, stress and depression in our lives.

“The need of the hour is to take out time for your real special people, let them know how much they mean to you, surprise them, spread smiles and good cheer and positive vibes. It’s rightly said “your energies follow your thoughts,” so if we do things with positivity and in a happy mood, we will tend to spread happiness in multiplication. Making people feel special was always in my blood and that gives me real pleasure and that’s what I am known for amongst my friends and family. This passion actually invoked me to create,” says Jaipur based entrepreneur Pinky Maheshwari.

Surprise Someone

How it all started

Pinky Maheshwari always wanted to come up with something creative that could spread positive vibes in other’s lives. She is a person who believes in sowing seeds of happiness in a different and individualistic way. Giving surprises to her near and dear ones is something which also make her happy. She spent more than ten years in the corporate world and didn’t let her passion to spread smiles die within herself.

“When one of the most important person entered my life, my baby boy Udit, that’s when this mommy converted her passion into profession and decided to be a MOMPRENUER with Surprise Someone. I and my mother Sharda Daga, started last year with almost zero investment. Perfect duo as we call us, travel all across and locate and grab the creative minds and get their creative muse running and with their help we present and produce beauty  before the world.”

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Surprise Someone is not another gift shop; it is something more than that

Surprise Someone has a website which offers an array of wonderful and unique artefacts. It works with a good team of artisans and craftsmen who are dedicated to produce artworks of finest quality.

“Keeping in mind the customer’s desire of going out of their way for their loved one, Surprise Someone team puts in a lot of thought in getting it right for you. We specialise in creating unique gifts for the customer. Working in the fast-paced world of digital, these gifts are definitely unique as they are handmade. Some iconic ideas have been a contemporary twist and each gift tells a story.”

Surprise Someone is entirely funded by Pinky and her mother, Sharda Daga. They keep on recycling the same money along with a part of their profit in their business which has flourished significantly since inception. Pinky feels their unique products coupled with excellent customer service is actually doing the trick.

Every day is the “ever best day” of my life

According to Pinky Maheshwari, every day of her life is her “ever best day”. She receives multiple calls of appreciation from her customers every single day. And, when one such happy customer explains how Surprise Someone brought a big difference in their lives, it simply marks their success story.

“We believe in not selling items but winning hearts. Word of mouth is our best publicity and that speaks a lot about the success we have achieved. Our first success came upon when we planned a surprise for our client who was celebrating 15th Wedding Anniversary. The surprise made her husband feel out of the world. They felt like newly married and were totally rejuvenated by the entire idea.”

“When we started the business we had a vision of touching lives. The idea of creating something tangible and spreading smiles was endearing. Initially, like every first step, it was childlike and was extremely difficult for me as business requires all kinds of skills in a person and not just passion till the time you build up your own team. In the beginning, I only had my passion, creativity and a belief that “I can and I will” whereas business requires all “M” AND all “P” of marketing. Slowly and gradually we developed that business acumen and that was when SURPRISE SOMEONE saw its light. Undoubtedly, it’s the team effort put upon by fellow employees that helped us to sail through. Without the excellent capabilities of our wonderful team, we wouldn’t have come this far. We have zero bad debts and zero debtors even if we give or sell bulk orders on credit or with 50% advance and the reason of our success is the astounding team effort.”

Planning ahead

Surprise Someone has plans to enter the corporate market soon. They are aiming to turn the monotonous, mechanical lives of the corporate employees into something interesting. This young startup has lots of projects in their pipeline. Working with telecoms and banks is one of them.

Pinky further added, “Surprise Someone starts thinking after everyone stops. We are very soon starting in flight surprises where you can surprise your dear ones in the air and not just in the air but while you watch movies and on top of it also while you dine in by making personalised menu cards.”

“I am a firm believer of Pranic Healing, where the prana can heal the body by contributing to the person’s energy field. I strongly believe in energies and aura. Everything we think and do creates energy. We as a team have positive energies and we build a larger aura around us. We tend to make a product with double the positive energy and when it’s bought by people it spreads positivity and happiness.”

“Every day surprises me with something special in my life and that keeps me going.”


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