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The definition of “business” and “the ways of doing business” has undergone a couple of transformations in the past few decades. Businesses have now become smarter largely because of the Internet Boom. These days the online presence of every business is necessary to reach out to a larger audience. Today, we are sharing the story of TailorZone, a young startup from Ahmedabad which is based on an innovative business model. It was co-founded by Jay Sonavane and Priyanka Brahmbhatt in September 2015.

TailorZone offers designer boutique and tailoring services online for women. It provides doorstep consulting and stitching service which is first of its kind in Ahmedabad.

The Founders of TailorZone

Jay Sonavane is a computer graduate and is much passionate about internet and technology. He believes in the power of internet in solving basic real life problems. Jay likes to work on the ideas or projects that directly connect with people and their daily life. TailorZone is also a similar initiative to organize a huge market of tailoring and designer boutique services.

Priyanka Brahmbhatt, on the other hand, is a software engineer by profession and fashionholic by nature. She always keeps herself updated with latest fashion and trends. Moreover, she also runs her our own boutique HIR CREATIONS. At TailorZone, she mainly looks after the promotion and branding and to some extent the operational part.

TailorZone Online startup

TailorZone is Ahmedabad’s First Online Tailoring Shop

TailorZone is Ahmedabad’s first On demand stitching service for women. Providing online tailoring and stitching services is something new in the city. To avail their service, a user needs to schedule a pick-up request based on which a consultant or tailor shall visit their places to understand their designing & stitching request. They pick-up all the orders and finally once the order is ready, they deliver it back to the user. Thus, a user need not have to visit any tailor or boutique shop to stitch their clothes.

“Our target customers are basically someone who are fashion addict or fitting conscious or someone who is working or business women or may be housewives. With our service, we want to save their time of finding a decent tailor and visiting them to and fro for various stitching related issues. Along with offering convenience and saving customer’s time, we are also majorly focussing on the perfect fitting and work quality to delight our customer and provide them a hassle-free and seamless experience.”

TailorZone is a self-funded company. An amount of Rs. 1.5 lakh has been invested by the founders till date.

TailorZone Online startup

“We are an innovative company. As we all know, innovation is not just about offering a novelty, but it is more about responding to a tangible demand in the market and to come up with the solution that makes a difference. Again, innovation is also not about new technology or material; rather it’s about new ideas and imagination. At TailorZone, we have maintained a culture, where a person has the freedom to share and express their ideas or views. We closely evaluate all the suggestions and try to incorporate them if they are viable. I can say, till date, we haven’t yet followed any rigid process or operations, rather we kept on evolving as per the demands and needs, and this flexibility helps us to increase our customer satisfaction index level,” says Jay.

Challenges faced and overcoming them

There were certain challenges which the founders faced during the early stages. Convincing tailors and boutique shops to collaborate with them was very difficult. All of them were quite satisfied with their traditional business model and were not interested in accepting their online business model.

“We met the tailors and visit the boutique shops and explained them the importance of this service. We shared with them the survey reports that we conducted within female groups and what results we got out of it. This information really helped us to convince them to work with us on this business model.”

Promoting the service

TailorZone promotes its service through different mediums like news, PR, pamphlets, event participations, promotions etc. They also promote the company using several social media platforms. The response they have received so far is overwhelming. And, this is what keeps them inspired to move ahead.

Jay says, “We started with social media promotions where we requested users to check our service, try it and share their feedbacks/comments/suggestions to help us improve. Slowly and gradually we started receiving bookings. Later on, for promotions, we also did few paper ads and brochure distribution to get attention.”

“We are planning to capture maximum audience from Ahmedabad and after that we may decide to expand this service in other cities of Gujarat like Baroda, Rajkot and Surat. We also have plans to add express service and corporate section. We have defined both short term and long term plans. In our short-term plans, we look forward to add men’s category and offer express services which will ensure delivery within 48 hours. Our long term plans include targeting the corporate sector and offer personalized designer consulting under premium segment.”


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