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We live in a world where smiles are very often overshadowed by cries. But when there are terrorists who shoot others and make us cry, then there is Jennifer Priester, who shoots newborns and make us smile. Somewhere someday someone had said, babies are the gifts to the world, they are the sweetest thing that can happen to nature, waiting to be nurtured, loved and spread smile.

“And then, Jennifer Priester is there with her own baby, her camera, to capture those rare moments of babyhood.”

Meet Jennifer from Oxford, Michigan, one of the most celebrated newborn photographer of this era, as she takes us on a ride through her photographic journey.

Jennifer Priester Newborn Photography

Hi Jennifer, glad to have you with us today in this session at conflatingVisions. Please tell us a few lines about you.

I love Jesus and people. My wonderful husband and I got married at age 19, and we are approaching our 9 year anniversary, and it’s gone so fast! I also love my cats and dress them up in all kinds of outfits. They have a Facebook fan page too 🙂

Where is your home?

We are located in Oxford, Michigan. We live in the country and have lots of land which is great for taking pictures!

What is your memory of the first photograph you made?

I remember when I got my DSLR I went out to the park and took hundreds of photos of flowers and beautiful scenery. I still love taking pictures of nature, especially clouds.

Jennifer Priester Photography Newborn

When did you discover your love for photography?

By accident. I started taking photos with my point and shoot camera of people and I really started to love it. So, I got a DSLR camera and the rest is history.

Jennifer Priester Photography wedding

Your works are amazing. What inspires you to create those beauties?

Babies hold a special place in my heart; I love to capture the miracle of new life. Everything about them inspires me-their from their toes to their wrinkles! It’s so fun to see how in love parents are with their children, and I get to capture it with my camera!

Jennifer Priester Photography newborn

Jennifer Priester Photography newborn

Jennifer Priester Photography newborn

What keeps Jennifer Priester motivated?

I always have amazing clients and the fact that they trust me to capture such important moments in their lives is very humbling. My whole life is motivated by Jesus and showing people just how beautiful they are; in their own, special way.

You have specialized in photographing newborns. What attracted you to start photographing those little wonders of this world?

When I first got my DSLR, I had always photographed kids. A friend of mine had a baby and I wanted to try my hand to see how it went. The baby slept the whole time and I loved it! I started photographing newborns after that and never looked back!

Jennifer Priester Photography newborn

Jennifer Priester Photography newborn

Jennifer Priester Photography newborn

What is your idea of a perfect photograph?

I used to think it was the technical aspects of the photograph; like the white balance, exposure, composition; etc. But now I think it is ok to break rules as long as your photo tells a story. I think if my image can invoke emotion and bring back find memories, then it’s definitely perfect!

You must have come across a lot of memorable moments/events in your journey as a photographer. Would request you to share a few of them.

I’ve had some awesome chances to travel the country to take pictures of clients. I’ve been featured on some pretty cool places; like the Martha Stewart Show, People magazine, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Day, and even Michael’s Stores. I love that so many people are able to enjoy my art, it truly is an amazing opportunity!

Jennifer Priester Photography newborn

Which is the most important quality every photographer should have?

Love. If you have love, then you have all the other important stuff too-like integrity, kindness, patience, and ambition.

Anything else you want to share with us.

I always like to share encouraging words for new and upcoming photographers. If you are a new photographer reading this, just know that if you set your dreams high, you will go far. Don’t worry if it seems impossible. All it takes is dedication and hard work. Practice every chance you get, and love your clients. It’s our clients that help to build our business-without them we wouldn’t have a job. Treat them the way you want to be treated 🙂

Jennifer Priester Photography newborn

Jennifer Priester Photography newborn

And, one last question of this session Jennifer, if you have had one wish…

This could be photography related or not, but I wish that everyone loved. It’s what the photography industry needs. If there is anything I’ve learned in our industry, it’s the importance of loving people. The truth is, if you really love others, when they do things we don’t like, it won’t hurt us, because our perspective will have changed. With that, we know why people act the way they do.

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