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An Entrepreneur is a person who brings up solutions to complex real life problems. And, the success of an entrepreneurial venture depends on how many people gets benefitted from the solution. The more the number, the bigger the success gets. So, the approach to a problem after its identification is much important. Today, we are featuring another solution in the form of FreakoutZ. It offers a location-based platform which helps in finding the most trending events or parties in real time with the help of heatmap. It was launched in February this year by two IIIT, Hyderabad students – Abhirup Dikshit and Rajat Singh.

Abhirup is a research scholar at IIIT, Hyderabad and loves partying. Rajat, on the other hand, is a Computer Science undergraduate student at the same institute and has worked as an intern in many startups. Both of them wanted to be entrepreneurs and their journey has just taken off.

FreakoutZ Party Partying Hyderabad

Developing a solution after identification of the problem

“The idea of FreakoutZ  popped up when I was in  Delhi. I along with my friends wanted to go out. So after a lot of searches, we went to a cafe in Hauz Khas but the place turned out to be dull. After that, we went to another place, but we were not given entries as their guest list was closed by 10. So came up with an idea that would let people know which is the hottest party and book entries all night,” says Abhirup while speaking about the problem.

FreakoutZ is a solution to the following problems.

1) To decide which place to go.

2) People usually miss on great events as they browse through a variety of events which is a big headache for the event organisers as well as the customers as they may miss on great events.

3) Get entries to nightclubs or cafes for instantly made plans.

4) The event organisers have an issue that their events do not reach the target customers.

And, it solves the problems in the following ways.

1) Heatmap­: Find the most trending place in real­time. More the red on the map, more happening is the party.

2) Recommender­: An intelligent recommender that tells which place to go depending on an user’s previous searches and bookings.

3) An user need not have to scroll through a list of events, just tap on the map, which is a big yes for event organizers and venues. Their event would be showcased on the heat­map and their events won’t be lost in the sea of events on the listing pages.

4) Skip the queues: Plans with friends are made instantly. So, whatever the time is FreakoutZ provide entries in just 2 taps. The confirmation comes in less than 10 minutes. And, the guest list never closes.

FreakoutZ Party Partying Hyderabad

Partnering with venues

At present, FreakoutZ operates in the city of Hyderabad and has partnerships with 11 places which include Playboy Club, Sounds and Spirits and Bakkyard Gastropub. In about three months time, it also managed to build a base of 500 customers. It is targeting to raise the numbers to 30 venues and 2000 customers by the end of this month.

Working Model of FreakoutZ

FreakoutZ’s working model is pretty simple. It charges a certain amount of commission from the venues and users need not have to pay any charges to avail their service.

“From the very beginning, we were very clear about giving our customers the  best experience. We rely mainly on word of mouth, despite our presence on  social media. We do not promote ourselves as discount websites, because  the last thing we want is to consider ourselves like groupon.”

Future Plans

“Our future goal is to be the social event search engine that guarantees every user a personalized and enjoyable event experience. We wish that every person has a smile on their face and grateful to us for a memorable night out.”


“Hyderabad is very different market compared to other cities like Delhi or Mumbai. The culture of partying and nightclubs is still not prominent as compared to places like Delhi and Mumbai. The club owners / managers don’t have an idea of the usage of technology in this sector. So, whenever a new technology comes, they are hesitant in the beginning. But eventually for FreakoutZ, it has an emerging market for the nightlife industry. With IT industry growing in the city and lots of people willing to go clubs / cafes, this app is the coolest thing after a hectic day’s work. In such cases, profiling of people is of prior importance. Everybody likes to have a good crowd in a party. It becomes very important that profiling is to be done. So, we are trying to build the largest party­going community. We are easing the life of people by letting them decide and book instantly.  In this fast emerging world, letting people decide instantly is the thing and their lies our USP.”


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