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A few days back, we got a mail with the subject “Rare Planet”. The sender was Ranodeep Saha who shared the story of his venture in the mail and requested us to feature it on our website. The name of the venture was unique and with huge expectations, we started reading his story.

Words are not always necessary to create great stories. Sometimes a good story can also be written with innovative creations. To run a successful venture, one need to tell such stories in the most creative way. A Kolkata-based 19-year-old young entrepreneur Ranodeep Saha is exactly doing the same thing with his start-up venture Rare Planet. Ranodeep, who is still a student of Computer Science Engineering at West Bengal University of Technology apart from his studies, is successfully running his e-commerce business quite successfully.

Rare Planet

How it all started

Ranodeep Saha’s journey with Rare Planet didn’t start a long ago. His venture will turn a year old in coming June. “This is my startup initiative which happened accidentally after I had a break up with my girlfriend. People usually associate Negativity after a disheartened break up. I have seen most of the teenagers resort to smoking, drinking and ruining their lives in various ways but I had a different take on this. Instead, I began to make these things which my girlfriend was fond of,” says Ranodeep.

Rare Planet is a place where one can purchase things which are actually unique. For example, you can place an order for a painted bottle or a minion cup or a creatively designed pen stand from among many of their wide range of offerings. The idea of such creations evolved after Ranodeep saw a dusty earthen pot lying unused for years outside his house. He wanted to turn it into something interesting. Soon after, using a paint brush and colours, he brought it back to life by drawing a Harry Potter symbol on it. This is how the journey started. After receiving appreciations from friends for his first creation, he started recycling old bottles, earthen pots and coffee mugs. The end results turned out to be unique. All unique things in the world are less in number, hence, they are rare. After initial success, Ranodeep got himself a website where he would sell his creations. He aptly named it Rare Planet.

Rare Planet

Rare Planet

Rare Planet’s partnership with Treasures of Innocence

Ranodeep has partnered with a Kolkata-based NGO Treasures of Innocence (Please follow this link to know about Treasures of Innocence) which works to kindle the spark of education among the underprivileged children. Rare Planet also plans to sell the products made by such children.

Present Days and Future Plans

Presently, Rare Planet also sells its products offline through different gift stores across the country. It recently sold some of its products in Singapore. To tap the international market, Rare Planet is in talks with some of the leading gift stores of Singapore and Italy. Rare Planet provides gifts to corporate houses like PayUmoney, Nasscom 10,000 Kolkata and others. Ranodeep’s next big plan is to open up a Rare Planet store in Delhi T3 airport, then gradually expanding to all other major Airports all across the world and make a way for Indian Handicrafts in Global Market.

The young, confident founder proudly says, “We are not just another e-commerce site. We are a brand and each of the products sold in Rare Planet is unique and exclusively handcrafted.” The statement itself shows his confidence. We believe Rare Planet will achieve much more in coming days!


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