This startup offers an innovative marketing style and connects Brands with Bloggers – The Story of ThinkQuisitive

In a business seminar during my college days, an eminent industrialist said, “A business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” I have walked a long way since then. Now I realize how beautiful and realistic the statement is in present day’s business. A business can have an innovative product, however, without proper and targetted marketing, it won’t sell. We have seen many big shot companies and innovative startups failed because of poor and traditional marketing strategies. ThinkQuisitive, a Kolkata-based startup has brought in a new style of marketing for promoting brands. Their platform connects bloggers and brands together liaisoning between the two to bring out the best in the association.

It was launched in November 2015 by Aishwarya Gupta, Vaibhav Gupta, and Ishita Shah. Bidisha Basu takes care of the graphics content which goes live through their platform.

Aishwarya tells us more about their initiative in this session.

Thinkquisitive marketing

Tell us about your venture ThinkQuisitive. How does it work?

ThinkQuisitive was born out of the urge to make the most of inquisitive minds. At a time when start-ups are mushrooming, new marketing techniques are being ushered in with changing times. Here, we sync creativity with the new style of marketing. The idea is for brands to launch a campaign on our platform which will get identified by social media influencers and further talked about on their respective online mediums – from blogs and Twitter feeds to Facebook and eventually even YouTube channels.

ThinkQuisitive connects bloggers and brands together liaisoning between the two to bring out the best in the association. The social media influencers share the experiences of using the product or service by the brand in question and further spread the word among their readers and followers. This creates a ripple effect in word of mouth marketing which is known to create added brand recall, recognition and in some cases even imbibe buying behaviour.

What inspired you to start such a platform for marketing?

We had seen the struggle from a bloggers side to get new collaborations and the same from the brand owners, wherein they had to spend too much of their productive time in taking care of the finer aspects of this relationship. On the outset a person would look at this as just another PR/Social media management firm; however, there is a very thin yet unique line of difference that sets us apart. We don’t manage your social accounts/PR like the regular agencies; We let our work (generic blogs/reviews) speak for itself and people willingly want to associate with us for their future projects.

How is the response so far?

The response so far has been great in Kolkata. We have been able to close about 15 campaigns for various brands and have double that number of projects lined up in our pipeline!

Influencers, on the other hand, take to our medium enthusiastically and we’re thankful for their support in accomplishing as many projects so far.

Narrate some of your success stories.

Our success stories lie in the campaigns we run for various brands and when that coverage reaps its results, we feel joyous.

We had associated with Raize the Bar, Kolkata’s first micro-brewery for a campaign. We partnered with Rajdeep Bhattacharjee to cover the same and the response to the campaign was exhilarating. While the photo shoot and the food tasting with the team at Raize the Bar had its own fun side, the results of the campaign helped get word around about the new pub in town and we were thrilled with what the statistics revealed.

Thinkquisitive marketingRaize the Bar Campaign (Behind the Scenes)

We cover diverse categories by way of hosting campaigns on our website. We had once associated with Streethopper – a web portal for fashion accessories. Shristi Nadhani from Store Untold was on board with us to highlight their goodies and the deer brooch she sported on her post went out of stock within a couple of days on the website!

Thinkquisitive marketingStreethopper Campaign

How do you go about promoting your brand?

We essentially use social media platforms to get word around. Essentially, we promote people who are in this business and therefore it’s not been hard to spread word about us, yet.

What are some of the challenges that you regularly face at present?

The turn-around time in some communications is rather high. This leads to unnecessary lags and sometimes the phase of suggested promotions has passed before we even receive replies!

How do you overcome them?

We take referrals seriously. If we work with a brand and earn a reference from that association – we go all out on that one. Also, we use different mediums to shout out to people and companies who we can work with. We sometimes even ping people intriguing messages on Twitter and later continue that conversation on calls/mails.

Anything else you want to share with us.

We are gradually expanding in other metros as well, as the blogosphere isn’t geographically bound, we would encourage brands and bloggers to come on board and help us reach newer levels in Connoisseur marketing.

And, one last question of this session, if you have had one wish…

Our one wish is to find a niche space in marketing plans for the purpose of influencer marketing! Social media’s power goes beyond 140 characters and the strength it holds is magnanimous. We want to tap into that potential and bring out the best!


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