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The first woman entrepreneur I probably came across was one of my cousin sister from Jalpaiguri. She used to fascinate me with her beautiful handmade crafts. It was late eighties when she developed an interest in crafts while I was still a kid then. Quite obviously at that time, I didn’t have the definition of an entrepreneur in my life. She still continues to amaze me with her jaw dropping creations. As I grew up, I saw many more women entrepreneurs around me. There were times when cooking for family members and taking care of the home were considered as the only roles of an Indian woman. However, those days are gone. Nowadays, women compete alongside men and in many cases even outdo them. They have marked their presence in almost any field. There is no dearth of exceptionally talented women entrepreneurs in India. Indra Nooyi, Naina Lal Kidwai, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Ekta Kapoor are some of the renowned personalities we are actually proud of.

conflatingVisions lists down five young promising women entrepreneurs of India, who can turn their dreams even bigger. We hope the stories of these women entrepreneurs will inspire you to live your dream.

Sangita Bhattacharyya, 50+ Voyagers

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50+ Voyagers is a travel and adventure company but with a difference. This Bangalore based startup offers tour programs exclusively for people aged 50 or above. It aims at promoting travel for healthy ageing, repelling depression and loneliness. 50+ Voyagers is the brainchild of Sangita Bhattacharyya. During her stay in USA and UK, she visited many old age homes where she found that most of the elderly people there spend a solitary life and suffer from chronic diseases. Even in India, a similar trend is slowly setting in. It was a major problem which she discovered. After plenty of researches, Sangita found that Indian Tourism Industry lacked focus on the 50+ segment. To solve this real-life problem to some extent, she quit her corporate career which spanned almost 14 years and came up with her dream venture 50+ Voyagers in 2014. Sangita believes that the tour programs of 50+ Voyagers are created in a way to reduce the risk of chronic diseases in old age.


Kalyani Khona, Inclov

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There are many matchmaking services available in India. They have their websites and applications where many persons get their lifetime partner. Gurgaon-based Kalyani Khona along with Shankar Srinivasan is also doing the same thing, but, in a different way. What makes them stand out from the crowd of traditional matchmaking portals is their effort to find love for the differently abled persons. The journey which started in 2014 with Wanted Umbrella has walked a long way since then. With the purpose of achieving a bigger goal, Kalyani and Shankar launched a mobile application named Inclov on January 21, 2016. Kalyani says, “Inclov is globally the first matchmaking app which is accessible to one billion people with disability worldwide and matches people on the basis cure availability, medical condition, level of independence and lifestyle choices.”

Kalyani Khona’s Interview with conflatingVisions


Divyaa Doraiswamy, Gurukulam – The Shloka School


Divyaa Doraiswamy, a confident young lady from Bangalore, runs a school of a different kind. In her school Gurukulam, Divyaa imparts Shloka lessons to the kids, and she has been doing it successfully since October 2014. Chanting Shlokas in Sanskrit improves concentration, reduces violence, restlessness and anger among kids and creates good values among children. At present, nearly 50 kids in the age group of 5-15 years are taking Shloka lessons in her school. The feedbacks which she receives from the parents keep her motivated. The Shlokapreneur proudly says, “Gurukulam basically aims at keeping the traditional roots in place and has nothing to do with Religion or Spirituality.”

Divyaa Doraiswamy’s Interview with conflatingVisions


Puja Sen, Tazamandi

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Puja Sen graduated with a dual degree from The Culinary Institute of America and Cornell University in December 2014. She lived and worked in Mumbai, New York and Singapore. She is presently heading the Business Operations department of Tazamandi, an online grocery store in Kolkata. Tazamandi, which is exactly a year old now, is quite different from other online grocery stores. It delivers almost everything from raw to cooked products at a customer’s doorsteps anywhere in Kolkata. The company recently launched its Android Application to make shopping online even more easier.

Puja Sen’s Interview with conflatingVisions


Madhumita Arolker, CheerKart


Every entrepreneurial journey starts somewhere. For Madhumita Ganguly Arolker the journey started in December 2014 after she attained motherhood. Her love affair with art and craft gave birth to CheerKart, a place where art lovers get connected to artisans for purchasing their artworks. Before launching CheerKart, Madhumita spent ten years in the corporate sector. She says, “CheerKart is a brand dedicated to taking the Indian hand-crafted products to every nook and corner of the world. The team at CheerKart believes that every region in India has a story to tell in the form of its art and culture and likewise every form of Indian Art has an ancestry that it clearly depicts. Created with a vision to garner appreciation for the Indian artisans, the team at CheerKart wanders around the country and curates these beautiful products that span across wall hangings, murals, artifacts, ethnic wear and many more.”

Madhumita Arolker’s Interview with conflatingVisions


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